May 22, 2024

La Colombe Coffee Roasters joins DFMi portfolio

DFMi is now representing La Colombe Coffee Roasters with its collection of ready-to-drink, shelf stable coffees.

La Colombe was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1994 as a storefront roaster and café. They quickly gained a reputation as a coffee roaster that created unique and appealing coffees.

Now available in ready-to-drink cans is the café-favourite Draft Latte, complete with a frothy layer of foam. The Draft Latte is made with 2-3 shots of cold-pressed espresso and lactose-free milk, and are naturally sweetened with a pinch of cane sugar.

Also available is the Brazilian Cold Brew, brewed with fresh-roasted speciality-grade coffee. The Cold Brew is double-filtered for what it claims to be a smooth, clean sip, with strong coffee flavours and a natural sweetness.

Finally, La Colombe’s first non-caffeinated drink is its Draft Chocolate Milk, crafted with the same quality chocolate served in their cafés.