July 21, 2024

Keep the travel conversation alive

The president of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), Gloria Guevara, has launched a new marketing campaign,’˜Together in Travel’€™, designed to galvanize the global travel and tourism community, and keep the locked down world talking about travel.

The campaign went live on Monday, and aims to show the importance of the travel and tourism sector as a part of the zest for life, and encourages travellers from around the world to share a video using the hashtag’˜Together in Travel’€™ simultaneously. The activity works to unite everyone across the globe in solidarity at the same moment.

The campaign has been developed by WTTC in collaboration with one of its members, marketing and communications firm MMGY Hills Balfour. It consists of three key elements, a highly visual and emotive video, the campaign hashtag and a microsite that will host the video and user-generated content and stories.

Gloria Guevara, President, and CEO, WTTC stresses the critical value of travel and tourism to the global economy, accounting for one in four of all new jobs worldwide and contributing around 10.3% to GDP. She said that the sector touches everyone and builds communities, reduces poverty and improves the social impact of everyday lives across the world.

She accepts that the sector is uniquely exposed at present, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but says dreaming is part of human beings’€™’˜zest for life’€™. She hopes new campaign encourages thoughts of the brighter days ahead which is highly essential at the moment.

She further added that the concept for the new campaign was borne out of a desire to rally everyone who is passionate about travel, to unify those who are working hard to rebuild the sector, and to spread a message of solidarity that people across the world are one global community, and travel is the key that brings them closer, at the right time.

She added that WTTC aims to give out the message that everyone can still stay inspired with future travel ideas and bookings and can also be part of a virtual space for sharing, connecting, and collectively inspiring.

She thanked Amanda Hills, president of MMGY Hills Balfour, and her team for their efforts in building the campaign with donated time. She said the WTTC hopes that as many people as possible will share the video, as the world looks forward to a future time when they will be able to travel again.

The campaign comes at a time when new travel stories cannot be made. It arrives with the opportunity to fill all social media channels with stories, images, and videos that can keep the spirit of travel alive. It will enable the global community to reflect on their most special, inspiring travel memories and help them share it with the world from the confinement of their homes.

View the video and share.