May 21, 2024

John Horsfall launches BioFibre

John Horsfall has launched a new naturally sustainable alternative to traditional airline non-wovens, called BioFibre.

The fabric offers the reassurance of a single-use hygienic product, without compromising on sustainability priorities. It is made with reclaimed waste-wood, using a clean, chemical-free process. It creates a a soft, lint-free material positioned as a responsible choice for economy class disposables.

BioFibre can be used for headrests, pillow covers and tray mats, and can be dyed and printed to complement cabin branding, with options for plant-based inks also available.

Standard polypropylene headrests take up to 50 years to break-down in landfill but John Horsfall claims BioFibre takes less than a year – without the need for any special processing. Made from reclaimed wood-fibres just like paper, Biofibre can also be recycled with other paper-based products.