February 24, 2024

Joe & Seph’s extends popcorn bite range

Joe & Seph’s has added a White Chocolate & Raspberry Bite to its popcorn bite range. This marks the first addition to the range since its launch in Spring 2019.

“Extra-large” mushroom kernels are air-popped, hand-coated in salted caramel sauce, and then dipped in chocolate.

“We’ve wanted to create a more decadent sweet treat for a while that’s different to our range of gourmet popcorn,” says Joseph, co-founder of Joe & Seph’s. “I can’t wait for everyone to try them, though I must hazard a warning, they’re extremely moreish…”

The popcorn bites are currently available in 63g resealable bags. Milk and dark chocolate bites are also available.