June 24, 2024

Inmarsat upgrades JX connectivity

Inmarsat is upgrading its inflight broadband solutions for Jet ConneX (JX) based on an extensive assessment of passenger usage trends. The updates are part of Inmarsat’s JX Evolution programme and will meet growing demand for high-definition video conferencing on collaborative platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as well as improving inflight performance, speeds and value for money. 

The programme sees the launch of JX Edge, the first in a new series of advanced, high-end service plans now available through Inmarsat’s partners.

Kai Tang, Inmarsat’s Head of Business Aviation, said: “Inmarsat has unique insights into how demand for inflight broadband is transforming, whether for business or leisure. We develop our solutions ahead of any market shifts and reassure customers that as their needs continue to evolve, so does the connectivity that we provide. 

The goal is to avoid over promising and under delivering on inflight connectivity through a ‘game-changing programme’.

Jet ConneX has been activated on more than 1,250 business jets, offering the same level of reliable, consistent and high-speed broadband that was previously only available on the ground. It has achieved record usage since the pandemic. 

The service plan updates allow passengers to connect more devices and enjoy unchallenged access to the most data-hungry applications simultaneously, without compromising on JX’s consistency, reliability, resilience and global availability. 

JX Evolution leverages Inmarsat’s existing global Ka-band satellite network and the JetWave terminal by Honeywell. Seven more Ka-band satellite payloads will enter service over the next four years, increasing the network’s total fleet to 12. This will be supplemented by two upcoming next-generation terminals developed with Inmarsat’s partners Satcom Direct and Orbit respectively, which are compatible with a wide range of business jets, using cutting-edge technology and lightweight designs to optimise performance, reduce costs and simplify the installation and maintenance processes.