April 14, 2024

Inflight Dublin and Marabu announce partnership

Inflight Dublin has been chosen by Marabu Airlines to provide inflight entertainment (IFE) and wireless services across the fleet of the Estonia-based airline.

Marabu is the first carrier in the Baltic nation to offer such a comprehensive IFE solution. The airline was founded last year in Tallinn, Estonia, with a focus on leisure travel for the European market Nordica, the Estonian state-owned airline, acts as Marabu’s operating partner. It is a member of the Attestor Group along with Condor Airlines, Marabu’s exclusive sales partner as general sales agent.

Marabu’s fleet of Airbus aircraft will be initially equipped with the portable configuration of Inflight Dublin’s Everhib wireless solution. It will include DO-160G-certified hardware, browser-based proprietary software and a branded, multilingual user interface.

Inflight Dublin will also provide a tailored entertainment package that will be inclusive of the latest movies, binge-worthy TV, an extensive games portfolio and an interactive map.

“Launching a new airline is not an easy feat… particularly in the timescales we were targeting. As such, we required an IFE and wireless partner that was efficient, flexible and accommodating, which we found immediately in Inflight Dublin. Our ambitious vision was met with enthusiasm and creativity and their ability to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all required services gave us the confidence that Inflight Dublin was the partner of choice for Marabu,” commented Diana Strauss, Director Customer Journey at Marabu Airlines.

“We are delighted to be working with Marabu on this exciting project. Our approach with all airline partners is to deliver a tailored solution that covers all of their IFE needs across hardware, software, and content. With Marabu it was no different but we did have a short timeline to work within. With great teamwork displayed between both parties, we managed to deliver a full Wireless IFE solution within a six-week window. We are now very much looking forward to building on this successful launch with future enhancements that will support Marabu’s progressive approach and engage and delight their passengers for years to come,” said Barry Flynn, COO of Inflight Dublin.

flymarabu.com / inflightdublin.com