Product news

Healthy energy from Hise

January 14, 2020

Hise is a new sparkling lemon tea soda made with organic Japanese matcha and several natural energy-boosting herbs.

The drink claims to ‘power up’ brain functions, in particular concentration and memory, and to battle fatigue by strengthening physical ability. It claims to offer a boost of energy without unwanted side effects such as increased heart rate or blushing of the skin.

Made with organic Japanese matcha from Okayama, the drink is flavoured with mint, lemongrass, lemon and lime juice and natural sweeteners. It is low in calories and contains no sugar, making it suitable for those on low/no-sugar diets.

Gloria Yip, founder, says: “Born in a family that is enthusiastic about teas and herbs, I am always amazed by their nutritional benefits. But we are aware that tea soda is also a soda that needs to taste good. So we studied the popular Western beverages’ taste and came up with a delightful tea lemonade recipe which is refreshing and sweet.”

The drink is served in recycled 355ml aluminium cans.

Two new drinks from Belvoir

January 14, 2020

Belvoir Fruit Farms has added two new products to its ready-to-drink Pressé range. From mid-January 2020, Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice will be available, alongside Belvoir’s new Lime & Soda.

The launches reflect market research which showed apple flavoured ready-to-drink products are worth £16.4m annually, accounting for 13% of the market, and growing by 13% year on year. Another rapidly growing trend is the popularity of pink drinks, led by the phenomenal rise of pink gins which is now beginning to play through into adult soft drinks.

Combining these two market observations has resulted in Belvoir’s Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice. It also includes elderberry juice to enhance the pinkness of the drink, with the aim to place it right on trend.

Lime is another building trend in the premium soft drinks’ category, growing at 22% year on year. Belvoir’s Lime & Soda is made with 100% natural ingredients including lime juice and lemon for a zingy taste. It can be served on its own, or mixed with white rum, fresh mint leaves and ice for an easy Mojito.

Both the Lime & Soda and Pink Lady Sparkling Apple Juice contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, flavourings or preservatives. The drinks are available in 250ml and 750ml bottles.

UK demand for game meat rises

January 14, 2020

The British Game Alliance (BGA) has announced a series of collaborations to bring sustainable and ethically-sourced game meat to more British consumers, to cater to rising demands.

Game sales in the UK have risen by 8% in the last year and now stand at £114 million, meaning that an estimated 14% of the population now regularly consumes game meat.

Responding to this rising demand for game in the UK, the BGA has partnered with one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, Samworth Brothers, on their new game range across the Foodservice sector.

A range of new commercial dishes has been created with Samworth Brothers’ chefs including a game pie, a game pork pie, and pheasant and fennel sausage roll – all developed using ‘BGA-assured’ meat, meaning it has been sourced according to the BGA’s strict regulations.

Nick Anderson, group commercial director – foodservice, Samworth Brothers, says: “Samworth Brothers is a business that strives to work with the best British ingredients, so our chefs were delighted to work in collaboration with the BGA to put sustainable game on the menu with a range of innovative and unique game products. We think this will resonate well with existing and new consumers.”

bakerly introduces ready to eat pancakes

January 7, 2020

bakerly has introduced a range of individually-wrapped, ready-to-eat pancakes.

The French-style pancakes are made with simple ingredients and are served in in their packaging. Made with eggs and milk, the pancake offers a cake-like texture, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

bakerly is represented by DFMi.

Aidell’s flavoured breakfast sausage

January 7, 2020

DFMi is now representing Aidell’s breakfast sausages.

With two flavours on offer, the sausages are pork-free and instead made with chicken.

The Maple and Smoked Bacon flavour features real maple sugar from Vermont and vanilla flavouring, alongside smoky flavours of bacon, chicken and turkey.

The Chicken and Apple flavour is made with Washington state farm apples and fruit juices.

Both products are antibiotic free, gluten free, and contain no nitrates.

Foodcase International presents new ambient meals

December 9, 2019

Foodcase International has announced a new range of Western and Asian-style ready meals based on an authentic and local flavour profile.

From two production sites in Europe and South East Asia, the team of product developers worked with local chefs to bring real authentic flavours. All meals are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Foodcase aimed to create a selection of meals that met the latest “comfort food” trend and reflect the most internationally preferred dishes for all passenger profiles.

Wilbert de Louw, ceo of Foodcase, comments: “Our meals are shelf stable which provides a less energy and environmentally friendly supply chain whilst minimising food wastage and potentially increasing sales revenue from improved stock management.”

The meals are centrally produced in two BRC/IFS certified factories, which it states delivers consistent quality and improved food safety. By removing the need to defrost meals prior to service, pre-flight preparation is reduced as well as the energy consumption onboard used to reheat meals.

The new meal range with 12 options is now available in new specifically designed packaging for optimal onboard oven space.

Sustainable chocolate for children

December 9, 2019

PLAYin CHOC offers a selection of sustainable children’s chocolate snacks with accompanying educational toys.

In February 2020 the ToyChoc Box will take flight with Norwegian Airlines. The ToyChoc Box contains an eco-friendly toy to collect and assemble, an educational ‘fun facts’ card made from 100% recycled and recyclable card and paper, plus two 10g organic vegan chocolates wrapped in home-compostable film.

Launched in 2018, there are now 66 animals for children to collect across five ranges. The newest range is the 18-set Dinosaurs range, which sits alongside 18 Woodland animals, six Rabbits and six Christmas characters.

Maya Simler, founder of PLAYin CHOC and mother of two, says: “I still remember the anticipation, excitement and joy I felt as a child when my parents would buy me a special treat – a chocolate with a small toy! I felt compelled to create my own take on this but with a firm focus on beautiful illustration and design, an awareness of the world around us and, of course, artisanal, fairly traded ingredients.”

Cobra Beer launches updated Cobra Zero

December 9, 2019

Cobra Beer has announced the relaunch of its alcohol-free offering, Cobra Zero.

Brewed in the Netherlands, Cobra claims the beer has a delicate and malty taste with sweet and citrus flavours that can easily pair with spicy food, fish and meat.

Ed Hughes, beer sommelier at Molson Coors comments: “The new Cobra Zero liquid is perfectly balanced; a beautiful light golden colour, honeysuckle sweetness with a hint of citrus and a hop aroma. The taste is balanced and elegant, the initial malt sweetness followed by a delicate hop bitterness.”

Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer, adds: “We are delighted to introduce the New Cobra Zero packaging in line with the newly introduced Cobra Visual Brand Identity across the whole Cobra range.

“We have recently reverted to producing Cobra Zero in the Brewery Bavaria in the Netherlands, renowned around the world for producing the finest quality non-alcoholic beers. We are delighted to be working alongside this brewery, such that Cobra Zero results in an extra smooth and extremely drinkable taste.”

As well has having 0% alcohol content, Cobra Zero has been Kosher accredited.

Meringue company takes flight with Virgin

December 4, 2019

Meringue company Flower & White is now onboard Virgin Atlantic’s international flights via inflight concessionaire 3Sixty Duty Free.

The company’s Raspberry Meringue Bar now forms part of Virgin Atlantic’s inflight Movie Box and features 100% paper, recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

“Being with a hugely popular airline such as Virgin is a brilliant step for us and it’s great for us to know that passengers on all Virgin Atlantic flights are being able to taste our products,” said co-founder Brian Crowther.

In addition to the Raspberry Meringue Bar, the company has a full range of bite-sized Swiss-baked meringues covered in Callebaut Belgian chocolate and textured toppings. Handcrafted using British free-range eggs as well as natural flavours and colours, the snacks are gluten-free, low-fat and suitable for vegetarians. They’re also under 100 calories per portion.

Mr Lee’s Noodles puts Laksa on easyJet

December 4, 2019

Mr Lee’s Noodles has launched its Coconut Chicken Laksa instant noodles on easyJet.

Finalist of the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2018, Mr Lee’s Coconut Chicken Laksa consists of chicken curry rice noodles with chunks of 100% chicken breast, coconut, cauliflower, green beans and turmeric.

The company is on a mission to shake up the reputation of instant noodles, often seen as unhealthy, and improve the ready-meal category through the introduction of a rice noodle product made with no MSG, palm oil, artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavour.

The entire range is gluten free (registered with Coeliac UK and AU), certified low in sugar by Sugarwise and has two flavours registered with The Vegan Society.

Minor Figures launches vegan oat milk

December 4, 2019

Cold-brew startup Minor Figures has launched a new organic vegan oat milk.

The sustainability-minded business has developed the recipe to offer the appropriate stability for froths and foams that baristas look for. The oat milk is suitable for vegans and those with nut allergies, and includes no added sugar. The milk also contains the same amount of calcium as dairy, and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Plant-based fats beef up meatless burgers

December 4, 2019

Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has introduced a range of plant-based burgers infused with its palm and shea-based fats.

The company claims its mix of fats has the ability to deliver more bite, a juicy mouth-feel, and full flavour while producing no oil leakage or excessive smoking on a cooking surface.

“A significant number of European consumers are adopting a version of the vegan or flexitarian lifestyle,” explains Feike Swennenhuis, marketing director for BLC Europe. “Still, they insist on not missing out on that sensation of biting into a succulent beef burger and are seeking sustainable meat alternatives that can deliver the same eating experience. Fat, especially derived from beef, is the key contributor to flavour.”

BLC’s palm-based system is a flaked product designed to impart better functional attributes to meat-like products. It can, for example, mimic the fat-bubbles and pockets characteristic of animal fat in hamburgers, and is easier to process than liquid oils or waxy fats such as the more commonly used rapeseed oil (RP) or sunflower oils (SFO).

The products also improve firmness, cohesiveness, springiness, and potentially reduce the need for adding emulsifiers, gum-based texturisers, salt, and other flavour enhancers. Both fats are non-hydrogenated and contain no trans fats.

Feeling Peckish?

November 26, 2019

Peckish offers a selection of boiled egg snacks with dips.

Served in a small carton, two individually-wrapped boiled eggs are packaged with a flavoured dip. Available flavours include Fried Rice, Maple Waffles, Rancheros, Salt & Pepitas and Everything.

The eggs are USDA certified organic and non-GMO, and every pack is certified dairy-free. Each pack will stay fresh for up to 30 days refrigerated, and the carton can be recycled.

Peckish is represented by AirlineMporium.

Vegan caramel popcorn from Joe & Seph’s

November 26, 2019

UK-based gourmet popcorn brand Joe & Seph’s has launched a new range of vegan caramel popcorn.

Three new vegan flavours will be joining the collection: Vegan Salted Caramel, Vegan Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, and Vegan Coconut & Cacao. All are available in both sharing pouch and snack pack form.

Founder Joseph Sopher says: “We’ve wanted to create a vegan range that truly echoed our cult-status series of indulgent popcorn flavours since we began. Never wanting to compromise on taste or ingredients, we’ve finally nailed our new vegan caramel, we can’t wait to bring our popcorn to even more households, and bring Joe & Seph’s back to those who’ve recently chosen to go plant-based.”

Hen of the Woods

November 26, 2019

Ohio-based Hen of the Woods creates a selection of kettle chips with all-natural flavourings.

Available in Sea Salt, Buttermilk & Chive, A Touch of Smoke, Red Wine Vinegar, Chile con Queso, and Everything Bagel flavours, the crisps are GMO-free, gluten-free, and free of soy and nut allergens.

The crisps come packed in 6oz/ 170g bags. Hen of the Woods is represented by AirlineMporium.

Honey beer from Hiver

November 19, 2019

Hiver uses a blend of urban and rural honeys from independent British beekeepers to produce a distinctive honey beer.

The product range incudes canned Honey IPA and bottled Honey Ale and Honey Blonde. The company uses only British ingredients and suppliers, and ferments with raw honeys to produce its range.

Hiver has won a number of awards including ‘Britain’s Next Top Supplier’, medals at the World Beer Challenge, a European Beer Star gold and an industry award for Corporate Social Responsibility. It also donates 10% of profits to pollinator charities and community initiatives.

Shea margarine offers sustainable alternative

November 19, 2019

Bunge Loders Croklaan (BLC) has created a shea-based margarine suited for baked items such as croissants and Danish pastries.

The non-hydrogenated, clean-label margarine has no added colouring or preservatives and is said to deliver high functionality and baking performance, and allows for better total nutritional value.

“Bakeries and baking companies are seeking plant-based margarine alternatives with superior functionality and good flavour, while consumers are demanding non-hydrogenated, sustainable alternatives to palm oils and GMO oils, as well as healthier products,” explains Renee Boerefijn, director of innovation for BLC.

“The new shea margarine has a lower saturated fatty acid level compared to butter. This leads to improved sensory properties, with better mouthfeel and quicker flavour release, while awarding a more durable crispiness. Because of the superior perfomance, in certain formulations it is possible to use less fat to get the same quality as with dairy butter,” Boerefijn adds.

Superdrinks from DRGN

November 19, 2019

DRGN is claiming to offer the world’s first Turmeric “Superdrink”, providing a natural, caffeine-free source of energy.

Inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Far East, DRGN describes its drink as “a fusion of Eastern alchemy and Western science”.

Infused with pan-Asian ‘superfoods’ – turmeric, ginger and black pepper – along with added vitamins and electrolytes, DRGN’s key ingredients are said to help support liver function, reduce fatigue, restore normal energy levels and provide a natural rehydrating lift.

With 53 calories per 250ml serve, DRGN is free from caffeine, artificial colourings or artificial flavours, and has been blended with mineral water from mountain springs in Austria.

ButterflyCup gets greener

October 30, 2019

Following a €200m investment in research and development projects in Finland and product trials, The ButterflyCup company has launched a new version of its lid-less paper cup – this time with added environmental credentials.

The new ButterflyCup Bio is 100% compostable, bio-degradable and recyclable and avoids the use of PE plastic coatings by using BioPBS to make the product waterproof.

Bio PBS is compostable at ambient temperatures and biodegragdes naturally in the soil into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. It can also be 100% recycled through commercial waste disposal facilities which is not possible with plastic lined cups.

The Bio PBS material is made from renewable materials – corn, cassava and sugar cane.

Healthier ices with a kick

October 30, 2019

Ice-cream specialist, LiQ, claims to be transforming the frozen dessert sector with its alcohol flavoured ice-creams.

Available in six flavours, three options are vegan-friendly, three are high-quality dairy products and all have been created with healthier ingredients in mind.
Made using a mixture of cane sugar and Stevia for sweetness, the product uses 100% real fruit, sustainable milk and cream from ‘happy pasture’ cows, and Belgian chocolate. A generous slug of LiQueur adds the kick and further flavour.

Flavours include Strawberry Rum Daiquiri, Bourbon Salted Caramel, Amaretto Cookie Crunch, Irish Coffee Crumble, Limoncello Raspberrt Ripple, and Coconut Rum Punch

The cups (and spoons) are 100% biodegradable.

Celebration ups its eco range

October 30, 2019

Celebration has extended its range of Enviroware products made from sustainable and renewable materials.

Building on a well-established portfolio of products created using renewable sources, the offer now
includes new compostable CPLA cutlery and the EcoTensil Ecotaster compostable range made from FSC certified paperboard from sustainably-managed forests.

Nick Burton, md at Celebration, says: “Compostable CPLA cutlery offers the same strength and high quality as standard plastic cutlery but is made from natural sustainable resources (not oil) and has OK Compost accreditation confirming that it can be disposed of in commercial composting facilities. To ensure we involve consumers in the sustainability story, the word ‘Compostable’ is embossed on the handle of each piece, making them aware of the cutlery’s eco-friendly credentials.”

The cutlery is available in black and natural white, and sits alongside cups, food containers and food-on-the-go boxes such as PLA-lined salad containers with clear PLA lids, portion pots, trays and clamshell boxes and lids made from bagasse. The range also includes clear plastic salad containers made entirely from recycled PET (rPET).

Radnor Hills spring water launches new canned range

October 21, 2019

Radnor Hills has announced the launch of a new range of canned spring waters which will hit the onboard hospitality market next month.

Pure spring water is sourced from the company’s family farm in Powys, mid-Wales, where it takes seven minutes to filter from the ground into a can. Radnor Hills believes the benefits of the aluminium can option include its long shelf life, 100% recyclability, transport efficiency and leakproof/lightproof qualities.

The company has a new canning line following a £3.5 million investment and is able to fill still, sparkling and infused products with a direct feed from their boreholes.

William Watkins, owner and managing director of Radnor Hills, says: “Installing our first canning line has been an exciting new adventure for us as a business, and we are so pleased to be able to offer our customers yet another format for their spring water and other products.”

Radnor Hills is now able to offer its spring water all in 100% recyclable packaging formats including PET, recycled PET, Glass, Tetra Pak and now cans.

Tuk In Foods looks to onboard

October 21, 2019

Tuk In Foods aims to bring “delicious and wholesome” Indian street food to the travel industry. Its core product range includes Indian curries wrapped and sealed in naan bread, and the company is currently developing a new range of samosas and meal pots.

Thomas Cropper, managing director, Tuk In Foods, says: “Indian food is one of the most popular and fastest growing cuisines. It performs particularly well at altitude with strong flavours, is handy and mess free for passengers and crew to prepare, serve and eat.”

The products can be cooked in airline ovens or panini grills, and can also be eaten cold. They are positioned as free of preservatives, high in protein, low in saturated fats and sugar.

Packaging innovation from DRINKS3

October 21, 2019

Soft drinks brand DRINKS3 is championing a sustainable image with one litre and 500ml servings of natural mineral water in cube-shaped, eco-focused packaging.

DRINKS3 aims to be lowest CO2 footprint soft drinks brand in the UK by 2022. Its WATER3 carton-bottles are made from 100% responsibly-sourced materials of which over 90% are plant based. These are estimated to generate up to 41% less CO2 than multi-layer plastic bottles, according to the company.

The supplier is also in the process of building its own production facility in the UK which will be exclusively powered by renewable energy. This source of renewable energy will also be used to power its fleet of electric vehicles.

Well&Truly aim to ‘unjunk’ snack favourites

October 21, 2019

Snacks specialist Well&Truly is offering healthier alternatives to traditional snack as it sets out to ‘unjunk’ snacking with its range of baked-corn snacks.

Available in Smokey Paprika, Really Cheesy and Sour Cream & Onion flavours, The Well&Truly range is gluten free, base on natural ingredients and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The snacks are available in individual 30g and 15g pack formats.

Mr Lee’s launches on Virgin Australia

October 15, 2019

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods, a finalist of the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2018, has won a new contract which sees its instant noodles on Virgin Australia.

Mr Lee’s has created a range of six noodles with two vegan flavours, all of which are certified gluten-free, low in added sugars, and free from MSG and artificial ingredients. Innovation lies in its use of freeze-dried proteins and vegetables, locking in most of the original ingredients’ nutritional values.

“Our Hong Kong Street Beef noodles will be available as a part of Virgin Australia’s onboard menu on their routes from October and we look forward to an ongoing partnership to achieve our goal of putting healthier, better foods in the hands of airline passengers everywhere,” says founder Damien Lee.

He adds: “I think the airline catering industry has really got to a point now where they need to address certain dietary requirements, other than just a vegetarian option. Over the past years gluten-free options have become more attainable whilst flying, but instead of just another tasteless alternative, our noodles will bring an option uniquely crafted from authentic recipes, created by our team of Asian innovators”

Enjoy a flight out at the movies

October 15, 2019

Gastro Worldwide has launched a new movie-themed snack selection box onboard Virgin Atlantic.

The new Gastro Movie Box offers a selection of movie-favourite nibbles including sweet and salty gourmet popcorn, corn chips with chia seeds and salsa dip. The box is finished off with a meringue bar coated in Belgium white chocolate and raspberry crumble

The launch in October, follows the onboarding of the Gastro Mezze Box in September.

Organic insights at the Nordic Organic Food Fair

October 15, 2019

Climate change, Brexit, organic campaigning, technology, and GMOs are just a few topics up for discussion at the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2019.

The two-day trade event will return to MalmöMässan (Sweden) on 13-14 November with a packed ‘free-to-attend’ seminar programme – providing thousands of buyers and retailers with plenty of ‘food for thought’ about challenges, opportunities, innovations, and future trends for the organic industry.

High-profile speakers from The Soil Association, Organic Sweden, KRAV, Natural Products Global, Futerra Sweden, Arla (Finland), Ecovia Intelligence, EkoMatCentrum, Organic Denmark and Beyond GM.

Visitors will be able to sample the biggest certified organic food and drink products to hit the Swedish organic market in a live pitching session with sustainable grocery store Paradiset. For the first time, top suppliers have been chosen in different categories to pitch their products live in front of the Paradiset senior buying team, where the winners can secure a potential listing with the ethical retailer.

For more information and to register, visit

Cathay trials plant-based pork

October 07, 2019

Cathay Pacific is claiming a world first as it serves up OmniPork, a plant-based pork alternative suitable for a range of traditional pork recipes.

The airline is collaborating with a Hong Kong social venture Green Monday to develop new dining options that vegetarians, flexitarians and even meat lovers will enjoy inflight.

OmniPork is a vegan blend of pea protein, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice that looks and tastes like real pork. It has 0mg cholesterol, is cruelty-free and 86% lower in saturated fat and 66% lower in calories than pork.

Pork is the most consumed meat in the world, accounting for nearly 40% of global meat production. OmniPork is a climate-friendly alternative that reduces greenhouse gases, saves our seas from waste run-off, feeds more people per hectare of land, and is better for health.

Throughout October, Business class passengers will be offered OmniPork Bolognaise with Garganelli pasta on all long-haul flights departing from Hong Kong. The airline will then review passenger satisfaction and continue to experiment with OmniPork dishes.

Since October 2018, Cathay Pacific has also been serving Beyond Meat, a beef alternative marketed by Green Monday, in The Pier First Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport.

CLIF evolves its portfolio

October 07, 2019

California-based Clif Bar & Company, is evolving its portfolio of organic foods and drinks in response to the growing demand for free-from products. Made using all natural, no sugar, dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients, the company’s flagship product, the CLIF Bar, now sits alongside a Whole Lotta healthy snack bar, Clif Minis (now on American Airlines) and whey protein bars (provided in United’s pilot box crew packs). The company is represented by AirlineMporium.

Roons adds bite-sized

October 07, 2019

Macaroons specialist, Roons, has launched a new bite-sized product called Lil ROONIES – mini coconut macaroons, fully coated in a thin layer of Guittard chocolate. Flavours include Original, Chocolate Espresso, Lemon and Orange, and they are packaged in 4 oz, resealable bags with a six-month shelf life at room temperature or frozen. The company is represented by McQuire & Associates.

Podberry adds flavours

October 07, 2019

Freeze-dried seasoned snacks specialist, Podberry, has added two new flavours.

A Parmesan and Truffle flavour and Ham Hock variant join the two existing flavours, Sweet Chilli and Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar.

Offered in 20g single-serve packs Podberry snacks are harvested and frozen in under two and a half hours before undergoing a freeze-drying process, never fried. This retains the highest level of nutrients and flavour in every pea.

Plant Pops offer alternative savoury snack

October 01, 2019

Plant Pops are a new popped lotus seed snack that provides a healthy alternative to fried savoury snacks.

Sustainably-grown lotus seeds are sourced from farmers in Bihar, India, to be dried and popped. They are then roasted using all-natural ingredients to add flavour. The snacks are vegan friendly, gluten free, sustainably grown, and contain no artificial ingredients or palm oil, and each serving contains less than 99 calories.

The Plant Pops come served in individual snack bags and are available in three flavours – Peanut Butter, Smoked Chilli, and Himalayan Salt.

Innovative tea service from Cup Tea

October 01, 2019

Cup Tea is a 100% degradable disposable cup that uses patented chemical-free technology to integrate loose tea leaves, removing the need for individual teabags.

The tea leaves are contained to the bottom of the cup using a layer of food-grade filter paper. Hot water is simply poured into the cup to brew the tea, and each cup can be refilled three times.

The Cup Tea is available in a range of flavours, including traditional Jasmine, Black, Green and Oolong tea, as well as Sencha, Pu’er, and Silver Needle White Tea.

Cold classics from Fitch Brew Co.

October 01, 2019

Fitch Brew Co. offers ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and tea served in 100% recyclable, BPA-free 330ml cans.

The drinks contain 0% sugar, two calories per 100ml, and no preservatives.

Fitch Brew Co.’s coffee offerings are free from anything artificial and use only Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and purified water. It claims its carefully monitored and innovative brewing process brings out the hidden natural flavours in the coffee bean. The company sources high-quality single origin beans and then roasts and grinds them before placing them into its brewing tanks at the FITCH brewery in UK. The tanks are then filled with tailored cold water and left to brew over 16 hours before a triple filtration process is used to procure the end result – a bold, smooth and clean Cold Brew Coffee.

Fitch Brew Co also offers a variety of sparkling teas, including Rosehip, Hibiscus and Elderflower, and Chamomile and Ginger.

Yes Peas simple snacking

September 20, 2019

Baked crisps manufacturer PopChips has launched a new Yes Peas snacking choice made from whole peas.

The popped pea chips come in Himalayan Salt and Farmhouse Ranch flavours and are made of simple, clean ingredients. The creator’s goal is to offer a wholesome snack which comes with six grams of protein and three grams of fibre.

Represented for inflight by Stephen Gould, the company also offers potato snacks and has a second new line of Nutter Puffs, puffed snacks flavoured with peanut butter.

Chai tea on the move

September 20, 2019

Specialist tea producer Tea India is promoting a range of individual serve Chai Moments as a comforting alternative to traditional hot beverages for those on the move.

The range of chai lattes are made with real milk, tea and spices, and are free from artificial flavours or preservatives. They aim to mirror the classic taste of chai as served in India.

The mix is available in Masala, Caradamom, Ginge and Milk Tea varieties. Each single serving just requires hot water and a stir.

The company is represented for inflight by Macquire & Associates

Gluten-free with on-trend flavours

September 20, 2019

Milton’s Craft Bakers has extended its range of gluten-free crackers to include new on-trend flavours within its portfolio of organic crackers and craft breads.

Specialists in gluten free, organic and non-gmo products, the company has added gluten-free crackers with Olive Oil and Sea Salt, and gluten free crackers with Fire Roasted Vegetables.

The company also offers a range of gourmet crackers with signature blends of whole grains, seeds, herbs and spices. The range is among the convenience products offered through Evertaste.

A taste of Italy

September 20, 2019

DFMi has added to its range of healthy biscuit snacks through a collaboration with the Biscotti Brothers of western Pennsylvania, specialists in biscotti baking.

Made to a traditional Italian recipe, the individually wrapped biscotti come in a range of flavours including Almond, Chocolate Dipped Almond, Cranberry Pistachio, and Vanilla.

The company also creates Biscottini, Granotti and Pizzelle cookies.

Dietz & Watson announces new snacks

September 17, 2019

Charcuterie and snacking specialist, Dietz and Watson, has responded to the trend towards jerky and meatstick protein snacking with a new range of snacks products.

The new offers include Dietz Nuts and Dietz & Dats. Dietz Nuts are protein-packed, savoury sausage bites said to be ideal for service with drinks or within an onboard food box. Dietz & Dats is a new snack pack combining meat, cheese and crackers.

Madeleines with a twist

September 17, 2019

French madeleines specialist bakery, St Michel, is now being represented for inflight service by Dfmi.

The broker showcased the company’s range for the first time in the U.S during the IFSA Expo last week highlighting the classic individually wrapped madeleines and a new French Doonuts product created from the madeleine batter but shaped like a doughnut. The Doonuts are created without frying and are also individually served.

The all-butter madeleines are supplied to airlines frozen and come in four flavours, they are already cooked when supplied but five minutes additional warming ensures they have the classic crispy edge and crunchy topping when served.

Gummi bears innovation

September 17, 2019

Albanese is launching an all-natural version of its popular Gummi Bears confectionary range.

Available in eight flavours, the traditional bears have already featured on United Airlines and Alaska Airlines. The new all-natural formula has been developed to ensure the bears maintain their colour for up to a year, something not always easy with natural products. The formula has been refined over time to ensure it does not compromise on the popular flavour of the product.

The company is represented by AirlineMporium.

New products at IFSA

September 6, 2019

We’re currently touring the stands at IFSA in sunny Los Angeles, California, discovering the latest products and innovations for onboard. Here’s a taster of some we’ve spotted. If you’re at IFSA too, pop along and say hello!

Bayart innovations (stand 725): With over 30 years of know-how in supplying airline items, Bayart Innovations provides solutions tailored to airline needs and aims to create ‘unforgettable onboard experiences’. At IFSA EXPO this year, the company aims ‘to awaken the tactual senses of passengers’ with its soft-touch amenity kit pouch. Its peach-skin finish was chosen for a feeling of softness and comfort, and the design aims to achieve a delicate and stylish silhouette. The team are on hand to discuss design, production and delivery services with a focus on ethical approaches across the supply chain.

AMI Group (stand 607): Among products under this broker’s spotlight are Chum Fruit Bites, available in single serve and a variety of flavours, all for about 50 calories. They are 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives. Served in brightly-coloured, child-friendly packs, the bites make a healthy snack option for young travellers.

Bottega S.p.A. (stand 619): Bottega S.p.A is highlighting a number of its drink offerings, including mini 20cl bottles of “Il Vino dei Poeti” Prosecco DOC Biologico, an extra dry sparkling wine resulting from the vinification of selected grapes grown in full compliance with organic standards. The company is also presenting the miniature bottle and the spray version of Bottega Gin “Bacûr”, a distillate produced in Italy, that stands out thanks to the fragrant and natural botanicals used in the recipe.

DFMi (stand 719): Responding to the healthy eating trend, Wildway Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola is a soft and chewy blend of organic fruit, nuts, and seeds. This granola can be served as a snack or a topping for yogurt, and is certified gluten-free, grain-free, paleo, vegan, and made with zero added sugar.

Sola Airline Cutlery B.V. (stand 926): Sola has an internationally recognised range of cutlery, ranging from classic to modern in chrome steel, stainless steel and silver-plated. The company supplies over 80 airlines worldwide and has developed a special range of light stainless steel cutlery that can replace plastics.

The Barista Cup (stand 636): The Barista Cup promises airlines the chance to offer a delicious brew of coffee inflight. It is available in a selection of blends, flavours and roasts. The product’s goal is to ensure that from the first sip, passengers will feel they have their very own barista onboard.

Clip (stand 936):
Designed for WestJet, bespoke chinaware pieces by Clip take inspiration from elements of the great Canadian outdoors. The glazing of the porcelain items benefits from a sophisticated matte outside, gloss inside contrast, and the deep blue gradient of the hero items reflects the beauty of pristine Canadian mountain lakes.

Gispol (stand 930): Gispol has launched an ‘environmentally-sensible’ line of cutlery and table set-ups, combining recycled polymer and sustainably-sourced wood fibres, said to eliminate 50% plastic use and reduce the carbon footprint for tableware by 55%.

Brown Forman (stand 922): The newest addition to the Jack Daniel’s range is a highly versatile and refreshing, Jack Apple, which combines green apple liqueur with the character of Jack Daniel’s. It can be enjoyed as a refreshing cocktail or a chilled shot.

Albéa Travel Designer (stand 925): Travel skincare brand Cotarde is working with Albéa to bring a new eco-conscious approach to onboard amenity kits. With the aim to enhance the global passengers experience onboard, the AlbeaXCotarde team has collaborated to create performance-driven skincare for onboard use that meet the needs of those with most eco-conscious mindset.

HACO (stand 539): Looking for heart-healthy, plant-based protein on-the-go? Concerned about the environment? Nature’s Basics nuts and snacks have simple and clean ingredients in eco-conscious packaging made with 40% post-consumer recycled material. Available in five varieties including Sea Salt Nut Mix and Roasted Chickpeas, the snacks are gluten-free, vegan, kosher and non-GMO.

UDV Group (stand 1016): UDV Group is a leading global provider of food and beverage that has served both domestic and international airlines with customised solutions and world-class brands for over 25 years. The group is launching innovative and exclusive new collaborations with Los Angeles’ emblematic food figures at IFSA.

National Food Group (stand 716): For healthy food made fun, Zee Zees features wholesome ingredients with favourite flavours promoted through creative characters. All products are made in a nut-free facility, with all-natural ingredients. From Mixzees to Grahamz and more, these snacks are made to meet healthy requirements yet still taste great.

WESSCO International (stand 1122): WESSCO International celebrates its 40th year in creating airline and hospitality amenities. The company is showcasing its latest brand collaborations and product designs for 2019. Recent collaborations include Bally for SWISS Air Lines and luxury bedding label DUXIANA for The Residence and First Class onboard Etihad Airways.

Global Inflight Products (stand 611): Global Inflight Products designs and manufactures environmentally friendly products for passengers. Its Green Is Possible line includes natural, biodegradable and recyclable products, such as birch and bamboo stir-sticks, napkins, cups and even rubbish bags.

McGuire & Associates (stand 840): McGuire & Associates is displaying its Biscoff and Go offer. Biscoff is a sweet, creamy spread made from Biscoff cookies, and comes packed with breadsticks for dipping. The vegan product is free of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

John Horsfall (stand 923): John Horsfall is a 150-year-old family business, understanding its customer’s needs, and the levels of comfort and enjoyment that enhance the inflight experience. At this year’s IFSA the company is showcasing its creative, sustainable comfort items and collaborative brand design opportunities.

Intervine is featuring Wandering Barman’s ready-to-drink craft cocktails. The Barman team believes in sustainable practices and all natural ingredients. The cocktails are balanced, handcrafted in New York, and appeal to today’s discerning passengers.

Malton Inflight (stand 618): Malton BioD is leading the change towards a more sustainable future for aviation, with a long-term commitment to promote a global movement against plastic waste. Malton BioD designs and manufactures plant-based compostable foodservice packaging, sourced from renewable, low carbon or recycled materials. The team is showcasing a selection of sustainable products during the IFSA Expo, alongside their established range of inflight service products.

Eco twist for bowl food

September 2, 2019

IN Air Travel Experience has launched a new catering bowl solution designed to support inflight sustainability, boost passenger satisfaction and generate savings.

The IN.bowl is designed to take away unnecessary elements and focus value o the experience and high quality food. It aims to offer a larger meal and better experience for passengers and crew, and to be an holistic sustainable concept that reduces costs, catering, complexity, handling and waste sustainability.

The bowl is estimates to reduce the use of single-use plastics by 55-100%. The solution generates space and weight savings, is said to be easier and faster to serve and more efficient to clear.

MAISON KITSUNÉ partners on new amenity kits with JAL

September 2, 2019

Japan Airlines (JAL) has unveiled new amenity kits for customers travelling in its long-haul international Business cabin.

For flights departing Japan, an amenity kit designed in collaboration with MAISON KITSUNÉ will be provided. MAISON KITSUNÉ was founded in 2002 in Paris by Gildas Loaec and Masaya Kuroki. The word kitsune is derived from a Japanese word for fox, and in Japanese folklore, it is said that foxes have the ability to shapeshift into various forms. Staying true to its name, MAISON KITSUNÉ is known as a fashion brand that expresses a fusion of modern and culture. This will be their first collaboration to create an amenity kit for the airline industry.

On flights arriving into Japan, the amenity kit is designed in collaboration with BEAMS, a Japanese brand pioneering in lifestyle retailing. The kit features a unique pattern found in popular clothing materials and will introduce a new design every three months, as with the four seasons of Japan.

The kits include a toothbrush, earplugs, an eye mask, tissues, a moisturising face mask and a MAISON KITSUNÉ lip balm.

Brioche Pasquier unveils new Ficelles de Pain

September 2, 2019

French baker Brioche Pasquier has renamed one of its biscotte products, and introduced a new flavour.

The Petites Baguettes have now been rebranded as Ficelles de Pain. As well as the existing Plain flavour which is made from French bread, a new Brioche flavour is now available. This, like the brioche it is made from, has a slightly sweeter taste.

“We are a proudly French company and specialise in French bakery products, so we decided to revert to the original name for this product,” explains marketing executive Victoria Lane.

French style biscotte is made from French bread or brioche which is baked twice, so it is crunchy and can serve as an alternative to crackers or rolls for lunch or with savoury or sweet toppings at any time of day.

At 48 calories each, the product offers a low-calorie alternative to a roll. It can be served alongside salads and soups or topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon to make a starter or canapé.

Ferrero Foodservice launches luxury hot chocolate

August 28, 2019

Ferrero Foodservice has launched Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder.

Made using Thorntons chocolate recipe and already containing milk powder, operators simply need to add hot water to create instant hot chocolate. The range includes a 1.6kg catering pouch, 21g single serve sachet, and 12oz cup.

Ferrero conducted independent research into the hot chocolate market and found that only 8% of consumers felt they had enjoyed a ‘very good’ hot chocolate whilst travelling. Ferrero hopes the launch of its new product will help operators exceed consumer expectation.

“Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder has been developed to streamline consumer experiences and upgrade the quality of hot chocolate,” says Zareen Deboo, foodservice channel operators manager, Ferrero UK & Ireland. “The launch not only guarantees a quality experience that will no doubt surprise consumers, but also help operators boost their hot chocolate sales – no matter their market.”

Linstol introduces 100% bamboo napkin

August 28, 2019

Linstol has launched a new line of bamboo napkins. A response to the the global movement toward eco-friendly solutions, the napkins are made from 100% renewable natural bamboo fibres and are biodegradable.

Made in Italy, the napkins are available in dinner and cocktail sizes and can be fully customised to meet brand expectations. In addition to using sustainable
 materials, disposable bamboo napkins are presented as a way to help reduce carbon footprint and eliminate harsh industrial laundry processes with their associated water-usage, chemicals and transport/logistics costs.

“Our bamboo napkins are a perfect compliment to our growing range of eco-friendly cabin product such as the Linstol Super Cup,” comments Bill Carrejo, Linstol’s director of sales and sustainability. “We consider environmental innovation an integral part of Linstol’s core values.”

Canary Butter reduces packaging waste

August 28, 2019

Canary Butter is positioning its butter medallions and rosettes as useful solution in the quest to eliminate single-use plastic and packaging waste in airline, rail and cruise meal serve.

The ‘naked’ butter portion are supplied frozen with zero packaging, and therefore can reduce packaging waste and disposal costs. Made without additives, they thaw within minutes and are spreadable when used.

The portions are already used by many airlines and are available throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Middle East and U.S.

Director James Gray says: “We are excited to offer customers our butter portions – and in particular support customer’s initiatives to eliminate single use plastics and reduce packaging waste”.

WellBeMed launches new shot offer

August 28, 2019

Swedish company WellBeMed has announced a new addition to its sleep-supplement range, WellBeSleep, with the WellBeSleep Shot.

Served in a 60ml bottle, the shot contains apple, beetroot, ginger, hops, and lemon balm – a herb that can supposedly aid in relaxation and help induce sleep. The shot has no added sugar and is suitable for vegans.

WellBeMed recommends the shot for passengers who want to wind down on long-haul flights.

Podberry – a healthy new pea snack

August 21, 2019

Podberry is the UK’s first freeze-dried seasoned snack product made with Scottish-grown produce. The crispy pea snack comes in 20g single-serve packs in Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Chilli flavours.

Created with understanding around a growing demand for healthy and convenient food products, Podberry is high protein, low in fat, gluten free, vegan friendly and one of your five a day.

Bruce Farms, which was established in 1898, has developed the new snack with help from freeze-drying experts in New Zealand. The product is harvested and frozen in under two and a half hours before undergoing a freeze-drying process, never fried.

Geoff Bruce, director of Podberry, said: “With a growing demand for healthy snacks which don’t compromise on flavour, convenience or quality at a reasonable price point, we believe Podberry delivers. We are excited for more people to be able to try our peas and hopefully agree.”

Popcorn Shed announces new flavour

August 21, 2019

Gourmet popcorn brand Popcorn Shed has announced an addition to its range of flavours with Cherry Bakewell Tart. Almond caramel popcorn is mixed with real cherries to create a taste just like the classic English dessert.

The new flavour comes packaged in a quintessentially British ‘Union Shack’ box, adorned with a Queen’s guard and the Union Jack.

Popcorn shed has also recently unveiled its Mini Pop! range made from white kernels, meaning the popped product is around half the size of regular popcorn and virtually disintegrates when chewed.

Launching at lunch!

August 21, 2019

Onboard F&B buyers looking for the latest must-have innovations will have plenty to keep them busy at lunch! next month, at London ExCeL on September 19-20.

CBD-infused drinks, spicy turmeric mayo, red lentil tortillas, vegan panettone, kefir ice cream, Rwandan coffee, nut milks, gourmet cookie dough treats, savoury slices, and veg snacks are just some of the innovations set to make their debut at this year’s show.

Soreen will be launching a Banana Loaf Bar, Mindful Bites will be launching a range of vegan Christmas cakes, and Hullabaloo will be launching its new family-friendly Nutty Munch chocolate bars, with 75% less sugar and sweetened with chicory root fibre.

There will also be packaging innovations from the likes of Thirsty Box, Europac, Labelling Solutions, Sabert Europe, Coveris, It’s a Wrap, Ecoffee Cup, Huskup, and ButterflyCup.

For more information and to register free in advance, visit the lunch! website.

Raw Halo launches vibrant new look

August 14, 2019

Raw chocolate brand Raw Halo has launched a vibrant new look and entirely recyclable, plastic-free packaging, along with new flavours and formats.

The bars are now available in seven dark and three mylk varieties in three sizes: 22g, 35g and 70g bars. Newest in the range are the 85% Dark Chocolate; Dark & Raspberry, with cacao and pops of bright freeze dried raspberry, and Dark & Himalayan Pink Salt, with salt crystals that enhance the lightly sweetened chocolate. Now available in all three formats is the ever-popular Mylk & Vanilla, and classics such as Dark & Mint and the best-selling Mylk & Salted Caramel.

Raw Halo uses a blend of organic plant-based ingredients, including rich and fruity single-origin cacao and coconut sugar with caramel notes. Unlike conventional chocolate, Raw Halo’s cacao beans aren’t roasted; instead, through careful temperature control, the raw cacao is minimally processed to retain the nutrients and flavour of the original cacao beans.

Cobra beer launches smaller bottles

August 14, 2019

Following the success of King Cobra, the world’s first Pilsner style lager double fermented with an ale yeast, Cobra Beer has announced the on-trade launch of Mini King Cobra – the same beer, packaged in a smaller 375ml offering.

The Mini King Cobra launch precedes the imminent relaunch of the newly-branded 750ml King Cobra, following a £1.2million investment into the re-alignment of the brand as a world-leading beer brewed smooth to be the ideal accompaniment to a host of different cuisines.

Brewed in Belgium, Mini King Cobra is created using the barley, malt, hops from Bavaria’s Hallatau region, and crucially, rice, before undergoing the primary fermentation process. The liquid is subsequently refermented in the bottle – precisely the same method to that of Champagne – to produce a premium, warming and powerful depth of malt flavour coupled with an extra smooth yet frothy mouthfeel.

New Business amenity kits for Yakutia Airlines

August 14, 2019

AK-Service has created new Business amenity kits for Yakutia Airlines.

The kits are available in two options, for both short and long haul flights. Different in colour and composition, the kits have a clean and simple design and contain a full range of comfort items.

New sets for infants onboard Aeroflot

August 7, 2019

This summer AK-Service will be launching new Aeroflot amenity kits for young passengers.

Parents travelling with infants will receive amenity kits designed specially for 0-2-year-old infants. The kit includes a game and a book that can be followed with the child during the descent, flight and landing.

Each component of the kit is brightly coloured and made from safety materials and includes stimulating colours and tactile features to support infant development.

Naked Drinks showcase in Scandinavia

August 7, 2019

From biodynamic wines to organic spirits and vegan beers, the ethical drinks sector is flourishing in the Nordic region.

Buyers and decision-makers looking to refresh their drinks menus with more versatile, sustainable choices can discover the best of these at Naked Drinks Scandinavia. Taking place at MalmöMässan in Sweden on November 13-14, this new feature area forms an integral part of the Nordic Organic Food Fair and Eco Life Scandinavia – Scandinavia’s leading trade event for organic food, drink and sustainable products.

According to IWRS Drinks Market Analysis, the surge in conscious consumerism in Scandinavia has been driving the ethical drinks market forward. In Finland and Denmark, organic wines make up almost 5% of the wine consumed. In Norway that rises to more than 10%, and in Sweden more than a fifth of wine sold in the country last year was classified as organic.

Exhibitors will include standout varietals, blends and flavours from Italy, UK, Austria, Greece, Spain, and Sweden including Sunnenmulde (organic wine), Fatty’s Organic Gin, Weingut Buchmayer (natural wine), Postumia Vini SRL, Poggio Al Gello (organic wine), Wein von Ploder Rosenberg (Biodynamic wine), Tenuta Planitia (organic wine), Moe OÜ (organic spirits), and more to be confirmed.

Nelson’s Distillery launches limited edition gin

August 7, 2019

Nelson’s Distillery has launched a limited edition Pineapple & Passion Fruit Gin. Infusing original botanicals from across the globe, master distiller Neil Harrison has taken inspiration from his travels and chef’s background to combine Thai lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, Madagascan vanilla, and Sri Lankan cinnamon along with the fragrant pineapple and passion fruit for this latest gin blend.

Bottled at 41% abv, the limited run of only 500 bottles is expected to be popular with gin lovers, cocktail makers and those who enjoy a refreshing taste of the tropics. The gin is now available to purchase online and currently retails at a discounted £36.00 for a 70cl bottle (RRP £40.00).

The distillery has a permanent product range of four gins and two rums, releasing special editions on a regular basis. The portfolio is distributed globally.

New non-allergen liqueur offering

July 31, 2019

Alternative liqueur, Besos, is aiming to excite consumer tastebuds with its new tipple for the alcohol market.

Besos is free of dairy, lactose, gluten, soya and nut, and doesn’t curdle when mixed. With a smooth and smoky finish, the Spanish plant-based brandy provides a distinctive taste and is also available in a chocolate flavor.

Peter Smith, managing director of Besos, comments: “With no allergens, Besos de Oro is the ideal choice for anyone looking to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. We’re proud to provide a drink that can be enjoyed by all members of the public, no matter what their choice of lifestyle or dietary requirements.”

Blendi announces new roasted snacks

July 31, 2019

Children’s healthy snack provider Blendi has launched a new range of healthy roasted broad bean and pea snacks for airlines.

The snack packs are low-calorie, low-fat, high-fibre, high-protein, vegan and non-allergen. The products include salted broad beans, peas and pumpkin seeds; red onion flavoured broad beans and peas, and garlic flavoured broad beans and peas.

Individual snack bags are available.

Made for Drink joins forces with Offshore Pilsner

July 31, 2019

Dedicated fine snack producer Made for Drink has teamed up with Sharp’s Brewery to match its Offshore Pilsner’s crisp, clean flavour with crunchy Hungarian Mangalitza salami chips. The chips are offered in a bespoke recyclable tin designed to be consumed alongside servings of Offshore Pilsner.

Sharp’s communications manager, Rachel Williams, says: “We applaud Made for Drink’s on-going mission to create an artisan snacking operation that actively embraces the finest snacking traditions from around the globe.

“We were especially excited to trial Made for Drink’s stylish ‘fine snacking’ tins, because we believe this style of thoughtful packaging is an industry first in terms of plastic-free/recyclable packaging, reflecting our own determination to reduce our footprint on the wider environment. You could say it’s a match made in beer and food heaven”.

Luuna brainwave sleep eyeshade

July 31, 2019

Lufthansa is offering is passengers the opportunity for deeper sleep with the provision of Luuna sleep masks onboard.

Using a metal bar across the user’s forehead, the device measures the wearer’s brain waves to identify where they are at in the sleep cycle. This information is then sent to a mobile app, which determines what music or sound would best help the user fall into a deeper sleep. The app then plays this through the user’s separate headphones or speakers.

Different modes can help with sleeping and relaxation and the device has the potential to help ease symptoms of jetlag by encouraging users to catch up on sleep at the most appropriate time in their journey.

The Humble Co. improves amenity kits

July 24, 2019

The Humble Co. has improved its customisable amenity kits for airlines. The amenity kit includes a toothbrush, and there is now an option of adding toothpaste, a floss pick and cotton bud to create oral and personal hygiene kits.

Scandinavian Airlines, Swiss Airlines and ANA have already started to offer The Humble Co.’s eco-conscious kits onboard. The amenity kits are fully customisable to offer a range of packaging solutions and sustainable toothbrush alternatives.

The growing importance of a company’s corporate and social responsibility values has been a big influence to The Humble Co.’s customised amenity kits. It aims to offer ethically-sourced and sustainable products that are both performance-driven and of high quality.

Every Humble Co. product purchased goes towards funding oral health projects for children in need, managed by the non-profit organization Humble Smile Foundation.

New risotto pots onboard

July 24, 2019

The Real Soup Co. is now offering single-serve risotto pots, available in two flavours – Tomato and Chargrilled Vegetable.

The dish combines Italian Carnaroli rice with courgette, mushroom, red and yellow peppers, and Porcini Mushroom, in an authentic recipe flavoured with parsley and thyme.

Created by the company’s in-house chefs, the new formats are gluten-free, vegetarian and supplied chilled in a 350g pot. They can be ready to eat in just four minutes, and enjoyed either on the move or plated, garnished and served in a more formal setting.

The innovative format, says Helen Marlton, brand manager at The Real Soup Co., spells good news for food-to-go retail, while also helping caterers engineer menus without sacrificing quality.

The new risotto pots will be available from August.

TUI reveals Britian’s favourite onboard snacks

July 24, 2019

TUI Airways has revealed British travellers’ favourite onboard food and drinks.

English Breakfast Tea is the most popular drink across all of TUI Airways’ 22 UK bases. Figures show that the nation drinks more than double the amount of traditional brews than it does Diet Coke and more than five times the amount of green tea. Over the summer period, TUI Airways customers will drink enough English Breakfast Tea to fill 920 bathtubs.

The favourite alcoholic drink requested onboard is beer. Scotland’s next tipple of choice is a vodka and Diet Coke, whilst Londoners prefer a pink gin and tonic.

When it comes to food, TUI Airways believes it has proved that a ham and cheese toastie is the nation’s favourite, with customers eating enough over the summer period to feed London’s Wembley Stadium twice.

The most popular snack is Sour Cream and Chive flavour Pringles. If every Pringles tube TUI Airways sells over summer were to be lined up, they would cover the same distance as 660 Boeing Dreamliner Wing spans, or the length of the London marathon.

ANA launches Hawaii-themed amenity kits

July 17, 2019

All Nippon Airways has teamed up with premium American jeans brand, Fred Segal, and airline amenities supplier, WESSCO International, to create an iconic amenity kit for the airline’s new route to Hawaii.

The destination-themed programme is available exclusively to ANA Business passengers on the Tokyo-Honolulu route.

The kit comes with a waterproof white or transparent pouch with Fred Segal’s iconic typeface logo and blue and red stripes, making it ideal for use on the beach. On the reverse, the pouches celebrate ANA’s special new Honolulu route with a “boarding pass” imprint complete with a token flight and gate number, “Tokyo to Honolulu” destination, departure time, and passenger name listed as “Fred Segal.”

The pouch includes an ANA branded Tyvek tote bag with a depiction of the airline’s green sea turtle livery. The wild animal is a Hawaiian symbol of good luck and prosperity and is listed in danger of extinction, and ANA Group supports the green sea turtle through a series of initiatives.

The pouch also comes with a Fred Segal romance card, eyeshade, earplugs, and dental kit.

SPIRIANT collaborate on collectible amenity kits

July 17, 2019

SPIRIANT has created a new collectible amenity kit series for Hong Kong Airlines that turns the spotlight on artistic young talent. The four amenity kits in Business will rotate every quarter so passengers can collect each unique design.

Rising young artists were specially commissioned to design each kit. Following a tough selection from a wide pool of applicants, Hong Kong airlines chose Lock Lai, founder of local TinBot toy company, celebrated illustrator Jane Lee, font creator Lee Kin Ming, and tattoo artist Lily Cash. The diverse set of designs celebrate Hong Kong culture and include subtle references to Hong Kong Airlines.

Each kit contains a curated set of amenities – earplugs, an eye mask, comfy socks, a dental kit and L’Occitane cosmetics for a luxury inflight experience. The durable nylon material enables the kit to double as a case for cosmetics, cables, or personal belongings post-flight.

Addy Ng, director of design amenities at SPIRIANT, says: “It was fantastic to merge the expertise of SPIRIANT’s team and the artists’ creativity. The result is four high-quality and extremely creative kits that go a long way to demonstrating the artistry of Hong Kong.”

Chris Birt, acting director of service delivery at Hong Kong Airlines, says: “We couldn’t be happier with the expertise and quality that was delivered with the amenity kit creation. We’re excited to introduce them to Business travellers.”

Snak Shed move to sustainable packaging

July 17, 2019

UK snack brand, Snak Shed, has unveiled new packaging designed to incorporate consumer’s growing interest in sustainability.

The 100% biodegradable cups are completely plastic free. Made from cornstarch, they decompose over time in the right conditions. The cups are designed for those on-the-go.

Snak Shed’s flavours use carefully sourced ingredients from across the world which are then hand packed in the UK. Soon the company will be launching 12 new lines including Honey Roasted Nuts, Sweet Paprika Nuts and more.

Icelandair introduces biodegradable cutlery

July 10, 2019

Icelandair has partnered with Kaelis to develop a completely biodegradable set of cutlery. The new cutlery set will start flying on Icelandair flights in the next couple of months.

These utensils are durable and suitable for hot and cold meal service. The cutlery, toothpick and packaging are made of cornstarch.

Cornstarch products produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastics over their lifetime. There is no net increase in carbon dioxide when they break down as the plants they are made of absorb the same amount of carbon dioxide as they grow. Additionally, cornstarch products do not produce toxic fumes if incinerated.

The development is part of a series of environmental policies being put in place by Icelandair onboard, in its company operations, and in its workplaces.

Heineken celebrates KLM’s centenary

July 10, 2019

Heineken has launched an exclusive limited-edition inflight can (25cl) celebrating KLM’s 100th anniversary.

The launch reflects the brewing company’s close relationship with key airline partner KLM and features a graphic of the global route map showing KLM’s connections across the world with Amsterdam, the home of both Heineken and KLM, as the heart of operations. The iconic Heineken red star is centred on the can.

Veroniek van Duren-Meijer, senior brand manager Heineken global duty free, comments: “As a 155-year old Dutch brand we are delighted to launch this striking limited-edition centenary can in tribute to KLM to celebrate the powerful partnership we share. These two iconic brands have combined their strengths to create memorable moments for travellers on KLM flights.”

The special edition can, available until the end of 2019, was launched on-board KLM on 29 June, exactly 100 days before the airline’s centenary on October 7 2019. KLM is the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name and has initiated a ‘Fly Responsibly’ programme to encourage travellers and airlines to create a sustainable future for aviation.

FlyFit now available on Emirates and American Airlines

July 3, 2019

FlyFit – the multi-vitamin hydration tablet designed to offset dehydration, combat fatigue and boost the immune system – is now available in all Emirates First Class cabins and on American Airlines in both First and Business.

Studies have shown that a decrease in hydration levels by just one to two per cent can have significant effects on the body, particularly cognitive functions causing tiredness, fatigue and irritability, which many recognise as being associated with jet lag. FlyFit contains a balance of vitamins and minerals which all work together and contribute to reduce tiredness and fatigue, support a normal energy-yielding metabolism, help maintain a proper brain function and protect cells from oxidative stress.

FlyFit reports that over the past two years, there has been a surge of interest in supplements and health enhanced solutions that can deliver tangible benefits to passengers, improving their experience onboard as well as their state of health on arrival.

Discover your next free-from product

July 3, 2019

This weekend (July 5-7), The Allergy and Free From Show opens at the Olympia London promising to showcase all the latest in free-from products.

Products exhibiting will include those suitable for consumers with coeliac disease, allergies or intolerances to gluten, wheat, eggs, nuts or dairy and more.

There will be a FreeFrom+ Zone dedicated to products with reduced sugar, fat or salt, and the FreeFrom Family Corner will showcase products for a younger audience.

Headline sponsor for the show is Schar, alongside other big brand names like Deliciously Ella, Genius Gluten Free, and popchips highlighting their products.

For a free ticket, head to the website below.

Crispifarms goes bananas

June 25, 2019

Start-up snack-maker Crispifarms is making its product debut with a new range of healthy banana chips.

The long-cut chips are acclaimed as the ‘least-processed’ of their kind, and feature bananas from the Philippines island of Mindoro, coconut oil from the Maldives, a spice blend and natural cane sugar – a sourcing and development process that has taken three years.

Batches are handmade and come packaged in 60g pouches. The chips are being sold as healthy lunchbox additions for kids, snacks and as a topping for porridge and pancakes.

June 25, 2019

Professional men’s grooming brand men-ü has launched a collection of travel-friendly bottle sizes.

At less than 13cm high, the 100ml versions hold 100 – 265 applications. All men-ü products are high performance, ultra concentrated and designed for extreme hot and cold climates, meaning a little goes a long way. The 100ml products available are its Shave Crème, Matt ‘skin refresh’ gel, and Healthy Facial Wash.

KIDZinflight dedicated to weight loss

June 25, 2019

KIDZinflight is focusing on the eco-credentials of its products by highlighting the benefits of weight savings on fuel costs.

The kids’ amenities supplier says it can provide activities that start from a weight of just 0.12g – especially important as airlines look to cut fuel costs and reduce emissions.

For every 0.45kg of weight lost from the cabin, airlines can save 53,000 litres of fuel each year.
KIDZinflight is also highlighting its sustainability initiativesat the same time, with all paper derived from green sources.

Popcorn Shed thinks small

June 25, 2019

Snack producer Popcorn Shed has unveiled a selection of popcorn snacks that it says are less likely to get stuck in your teeth.

The new Mini Pop! range is produced from white kernels, meaning the popped product is around half the size of regular popcorn and virtually disintegrates when chewed, making for a more pleasurable eating experience.

Mini Pop! comes in five flavours – Sweet & Salty, Toffee Salted, Salt & Vinegar, Regular Salted and White Truffle. It is gluten and dairy free and low calorie.

Lotus snack for fizz

June 19, 2019

Laurent-Perrier is offering champagne lovers a new take on the traditional bar snack, with the launch of Lotus Root Crisps.

The snack, produced in partnership with Made For Drink, is designed to accompany a flute of Laurent-Perrier’s renowned Cuvée Rosé champagne with complementary flavours including shichimi togarashi-style spices, poppy seeds, ginger, chilli and seaweed.

In keeping with Laurent-Perrier’s focus on sustainability, the snacks are plant-based and the packaging is fully biodegradable and compostable. The outer layer is crafted from Portuguese cork which has been sustainably grown as part of a dynamic forest ecosystem.

Sustainable cereal star

June 19, 2019

A new Mediterranean cereal with nutritional, agronomical and organoleptic benefits has been under the spotlight at the Sustainable Food Summit in Amsterdam.

Tritordeum is cultivated in Spain, Italy, Greece and the South of France – under both conventional and organic production – and is a combination of durum wheat (Triticum durum) and wild barley (Hordeum chilense).

The crop is ideal for sustainable production systems and has a better ecological footprint. It makes efficient use of water and has good resistance to diseases, reducing pesticide usage and making it a more sustainable cereal with reduced environmental impact.

Producer, Agrasys, supervises a traditional milling process to convert the grain to a quality flour. It has been particularly well received in The Netherlands but is also available in Germany and Belgium.

Into the blue

June 19, 2019

Ice cream specialist, Jude’s, has pioneered a new blue vanilla product, designed to evoke the whimsy of childhood.

Created from its best-selling ice cream flavour, Jude’s Very Vanilla, which contains bourbon vanilla and milk from Matterley Farm, and a vibrant blue hue conjured up naturally using blue spirulina.

New gins from Two Birds Spirits

June 12, 2019

British craft distillery Two Birds Spirits has developed three infused gins in readiness for the summer cocktail season.

The new offerings – which are produced and bottled at the independent firm’s distillery in Market Harborough, Leicestershire – come in parma violet, lemongrass and watermelon flavours.

Two Birds now produces more than 20 different spirits across its range. These include two traditional gins, a strawberry and vanilla flavour gin, and various rums, absinthe and vodkas.

Two Birds spirits are priced from £33.

New look for Pep & Lekker

June 12, 2019

Pep & Lekker is revamping its Seed Snack product with a new look, reformulated recipes and two sweet flavours in an effort to attract a wider audience.

One of the key changes will be the removal of sesame seeds from products, meaning the snack is now free from all 14 of the major food allergens.

Already available in three flavours – fennel & chia, cumin & linseed, and rosemary & hemp – the range will be expanded with two sweet options, cacao & coconut, and apple & cinnamon.

Co-founder, Susan Gafsen, explained: “Whilst overjoyed with the success we’ve enjoyed in our first year of trading in nutritiously empowered snacks, we realised that there was so much more we could do to broaden our appeal yet further.”

The seed snacks are approved by the Vegan Society and suitable for coeliacs. They are currently available through major retailers including Ocado, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended, as well as independent delis, farm shops and health food stores.

New free-from chocolate range

June 12, 2019

A man plagued by food intolerances has developed his own range of chocolate treats.

Chris Crutchley’s new Enjoy! Range features the UK’s first vegan caramel filled bars and vegan caramel filled buttons.

Chris, 55, came up with the idea after being unable to eat chocolate for 15 years for health reasons. He developed products in his kitchen at home using three organic ingredients – cacao powder, cacao butter and coconut sugar – as a base.

The business attracted a raft of investors, including two former directors of British chocolate giant Thorntons, and has launched with a range of 26 products. All are free from the 14 main allergens, including soya, dairy and gluten, are organic and suitable for vegans.

The company is now in discussions with big name retailers. RRPs start from £1.49.

Gut Springenheide adds Italian Bresaola pancakes

June 5, 2019

Gut Springenheide has launched new range of savoury pancakes filled with original Italian Bresaola.

Created with a focus on quality, this hand-made egg uses selected ingredients, and builds on the award-winning craftsmanship and creative ideas Gut Springenheide is renowned for.

The culinary team aims to implements latest trends into its range, and adapts flexibly to customer’s requests. Other egg products for onboard service include Italian frittatas, traditional omelettes, egg rolls, ready-made scrambled eggs and fried eggs.

New eco sweet options

June 5, 2019

Elliotts of Oxford have launched a new range of personalised sweets featuring ‘Natureflex’, a Cellulose film which makes the wrappers completely compostable.

The wrapper helps remove the threat of pollution caused by the plastic film traditionally used to wrap sweets. They are packed in polybags treated with ‘Revert’, which ensures that they too are bio-degradable, whilst the cardboard outer itself is made with recycled board, so a green and eco-friendly complete solution.

The sweets can include branding or messaging in a choice of colours and they come in over 30 different flavours, with each sweet individually twist wrapped. Best sellers are traditional peppermint, strawberries & cream and tutti-frutti.

For more information contact:

Travel toothbrush innovation

June 5, 2019

Looking for an alternative to all those disposable toothbrushes? Check out the new travel sized toothbrush, Minitoothbrush.

Minitoothbrush aims to be the ultimate reusable, travel sized toothbrush and comes in a sleek stainless steel (waterproof) case with a built-in keychain for clipping to kits or baggage.

The innovative design is fully ventilated to keep things fresh and dry when not in use. It also included medicine holder, has an integrated toothpaste dispenser and eco-friendly construction.