March 2, 2024

In-house PPE action at deSter

Gategroup business, deSter has expanded the development of its hygiene range and has its focus on personal protective solutions created in a controlled supply chain.

The items offered for crew and passengers can be customised to meet different requirements across both the airline and food service industries – and have been designed in-house.

Building on its 35+ year track-record serving airlines, restaurants and catering facilities with personal protective equipment (PPE), the range includes mouth masks, disinfecting wipes, gloves, hand gels and bespoke individual hygiene packs.

deSter’s professionals’ range for employees includes protective gowns, shoe covers, hairnets, visors, face shields and ear guards (to relieve the pressure of long-term use of visors and masks on the users’ ears).

deSter is producing most of these new items in-house – wipes, mouth masks, gels – alongside the assembly of the kits at its own facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA to ensure a robust supply chain, proper certification and short lead times.

The packs are designed as a ‘welcome back’ offer for passenger and employees – inflight, along the journey or in the office, and are also being offered to support takeaway meal service, restaurants, airline lounges and retail onboard concepts.

Before the COVID-19 crisis the company was already selling more than 200 million such items per year.