July 13, 2024

Immfly joins forces with gategroup

Immfly has teamed up with gategroup to strengthen its retail technology.

The partnership will see a fully integrated inflight retail platform featuring a digital storefront, personalised product recommendations, as well as a payment and delivery system. It aims to “enhance the inflight experience and drive cabin harmonisation.”

Services will include a universal Wi-Fi platform, in-seat order and electronic point of sale (EPOS) system, allowing travellers to order meals and retail products pre-flight or in-seat. They can also enjoy seamless entertainment and educational content onboard.

Immfly will oversee crew applications, in-seat ordering, payment processes and back-office solutions. The inflight digital provider’s platform is also designed to drive additional revenue sources to airline partners through internet access, newly accessible content and offers online.

Dynamic pricing, real-time inventory tracking and integrated data analysis tools will provide amplified ancillary retail sales.

Jimmy M von Korff, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Immfly Group, added: “By combining our digital expertise with gateretail’s retail acumen, we’re poised to offer a revolutionary, integrated digital experience within airline cabins. 

“This enhanced approach allows airlines unprecedented customisation, enabling them to fine-tune their digital strategy to meet both operational demands and individual passenger needs. We are excited to join forces with gateretail as we continue our shared ambition to elevate the global travel experience to our airline partners worldwide.” 

Fernando Guinea, Managing Director of gateretail, said: “We are excited to partner with Immfly to bring our inflight retail solutions to the next level and help drive an integrated solution for our combined airline partners around the world.

“Our collective expertise will enable us to provide airlines with a comprehensive, seamless and engaging retail and entertainment experience that not only meets the needs of today’s passengers but helps drive incremental revenue channels for our partners.”