July 21, 2024

IFSA members exhibiting at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO

The 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO will take place from 19-21 September 2023 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California.

Members of the International Flight Services Association (IFSA) and the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) will be present at the same time the Future Travel Experience (FTE) show takes place. The APEX/IFSA Global EXPO will showcase every aspect of the end-to-end passenger experience. More than 3,000 leaders from the aviation industry will be present in Long Beach. 

The following members of IFSA will be among the exhibitors at the event:  

AMI Inflight and Buzz 

In 2023 AMI Inflight and Buzz will be jointly providing a unique, engaging trade show space highlighting ‘The Power of Moments’.    

“Over the years, we noticed Buzz had a show experience strikingly similar to what we strive to create for our customer base – inviting, relaxed and fun with enough room for business conversations,” said Dan Day, Executive Vice President of AMI Inflight. “One day (over wine, of course), having a discussion with Buzz, they mentioned that they thought the same thing about our experience. And like that, the wheels began to turn.”  

AMI Inflight and its suppliers will offer a market experience and street food menus to showcase their capabilities along with beverage pairings.    

Buzz will display luxury brand collaborations, next-generation amenity products, textiles and meal serviceware. The Buzz Lab will showcase products made with conscious design, better materials and practices, as well as fabrics that put the planet first. 

AMI Inflight and Buzz will share booth 561 while AMI Inflight will also occupy booth 460 and 14 other nearby booths. 

Beemster Cheese 

Beemster cheese is produced using a traditional method and made with vegetarian rennet. 

Since 2007, Beemster has participated in the Caring Dairy programme that promotes sustainable farming. “Well-nurtured animals produce the best milk and our free-range cows are grass-fed in meadows. Any additional food is GMO-free and farmers are encouraged to use solar panels, windmills or other green energy sources,” explained a spokesperson for Beemster Cheese. 

During IFSA visitors to the Beemster Cheese booth will be able to sample Beemster and the Beemster Cheese Roll hot snack that is made in collaboration with Smilde Bakery. 

Beemster Cheese will be at booth 649. 

Bunzl Distribution 

Bunzl Distribution supplies a range of products, including outsourced food packaging, disposable supplies plus cleaning and safety products to a range of users, including airlines. Based in St Louis, Missouri, Bunzl Distribution is the largest division of Bunzl plc, an international distribution and outsourcing group headquartered in London, England. 

Bunzl Distribution owns and operates more than 190 warehouses serving all 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as Canada, the Caribbean and parts of Mexico. With more than 8,000 employees and over 400,000 supply items, Bunzl is regarded as a leading supplier in North America and has worldwide sales in excess of $12 billion a year.

Throughout its history, the company has maintained a strong commitment to productivity, delivering quality service and competitive pricing. Bunzl Distribution is focused on increasing productivity, enhancing customer service and exploring new business opportunities.

Bunzl Distribution will be at booth 552 during the APEX/IFSA Global EXPO. 


Clip will showcase ‘the best of the best’ products from the past years at its booth at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO. Premium new products and brand partnerships, in tableware and skincare, will also be on show. 

“Sustainability is the new norm and we at Clip are ready to help you reach your goals, one step at a time!” commented Cindy Lam, Director of Clip. 

New developments and sustainable solutions will be featured, including lightweight china, compostable bagasse casseroles and cutlery, plastic-free paper cups and plastic-free seal film count among the innovative products that will be displayed. 

Clip will also present new, improved and re-designed rotable and compostable box concepts to tackle the challenges faced by airlines with a lack of galley space. 

Clip will be at booth 640 during the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.

A display item from CLIP, one of the companies participating in the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.
A display item from CLIP, one of the companies participating in the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.

Global Inflight Products 

“Say goodbye to plastic and aluminium with Global Inflight Products’ bold mission to protect our planet. We strive to transform the way airlines do disposables by providing superior earth-friendly alternatives. We use cutting-edge materials that are as sustainable as they are stylish,” commented a Global Inflight Products’ (GIP) spokesperson.  

The products are derived from renewable resources including cornstarch, sugarcane and bamboo, setting new standards for sustainability. GIP produce tray sets, meal boxes designed to keep freshness intact, oven-safe casseroles and customisable cups. 

GIP says that its eco-products can be designed into any shape or design, helping free the skies from plastic and aluminium, and invites visitors to its stand to help shape a greener future. 

Global Inflight Products will be at booth 753 


Global-C are excited to be returning to the APEX/IFSA Global EXPO this year.   

“There’s a lot happening in the Americas and we believe we have the right people and solutions to support carriers there with their product development ambitions. Our exhibit is geared towards furthering the ongoing discussions we have with airline customers in the region, covering the important subjects of the moment: increasing value for the passenger, sustainability and circularity, and supply chain diversity,” said Wayne Costigan, Partner at Global-C. 

Product displays augmented with multimedia content will explain Global-C’s approaches to those subjects. The company’s stand at the APEX/IFSA Global EXPO will be closed, to facilitate private meetings with customers on the topics specific to them. 

Nonetheless, Global-C hopes to connect with potential customers and business partners and encourages anyone attending the exhibition to stop by its booth. 

Global-C will be at booths 627, 629, 631, 726, 728 and 730.

Global-C is looking forward to participating in the APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.
Global-C is looking forward to participating in the APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.


HACO will be featuring a variety of new products from its family of brands at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.  

They include award-winning vegan (oat) milk chocolate from TCHO Chocolate, non-GMO sweet potato chips from Jackson’s, halal snacks from Torino, sustainable 100%-recycled PET miniature salad dressings from A L’Olivier plus innovative all-natural baked goods and prepared foods from Avatar.  

New on-trend flavours of nuts and snacks from King Nut, a new line of protein puffs launching in September from ONE, pretzels from the fastest-growing pretzel brand Dot’s, fruit-forward gummies from Sunkist and small-batch dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Sanders will also be showcased.  

So too will be Wisconsin-made cheese dip and pretzel packs from Glacier Ridge Farms, 100% grass-fed Carne Asada Beef Jerky from Field Trip and award-winning whole organic fruits from Solely along with many more items. 

HACO will be at booth 741.


Intervine is looking forward to participating in its 13th IFSA Expo where it will be showcasing its fast-growing portfolio of food and beverage products.

“True to our 32-year heritage we’ll be sampling wine from all over the world along with ready-to-drink cocktails, spritzes, beer, water with customizable packaging, coffee and tea,” commented Andy Grabowski, Director of Strategic Development at Intervine.

“We will be highlighting our snack partners like allergen-free Magibles from Creative Nature, savoury cheese crisps from Whisps and plant-based stuffed snacks like Rivalz Late Night Pizza, Extra Chedda’ Mac and Spicy Street Taco,” he added.

For meat lovers there is Paleo-certified meals from Kevin’s and grass-fed beef jerky from Country Archer.

On the sweeter side, Intervine will showcase heathier candy bars from Unreal along with popcorn from Pop Art.

Intervine will be at booth 653 during the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.

Intervine will be representing Creative Nature at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO
Intervine will be representing Creative Nature at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO.

ITW Envopak 

ITW Envopak’s unique Tenor Trio system offers a solution to losses inflight from high-value carts containing liquor, buy-on-board or duty-free items. The system comprises a plastic hasp which is easily broken by hand by the crew and a metal hasp which protects the cart from theft on the ground until it is cut off safely back in the catering unit. 

Tenor Trio is widely used across Europe and the Middle East and typically reduces theft from carts by up to 40%. View demonstrations at ITW Envopak’s booth. Contact Nicky Slater by email via nslater@itwindustrial.com to make an appointment. 

ITW Envopak will be at booth 656. 


Kaelis invites attendees of the APEX/IFSA Global Expo to experience EcoWays: pathways to a greener tomorrow. A diverse selection of sustainable solutions revolutionising how people live and travel will be showcased at the company’s booth. 

“Sustainability stands as a crucial pillar for the well-being of our planet, society and future generations. Embracing sustainable practices brings forth an array of benefits, spanning from environmental preservation and social responsibility to economic stability and improved health. Together, by making mindful choices, we can forge a more resilient, equitable, and prosperous world,” explained a Kaelis spokesperson. 

Innovative, functional eco-products across all cabin classes that set new trends and elevate the travel experience will be on show at booth 623. Make contact with Kaelis to book an appointment. 

Kaelis will be at booth 623. 

McGuire and Associates 

McGuire and Associates/The Gourmet Center is proud to be exhibiting again this year at the International Flight Services Association Global Expo. 

They are showcasing new ambient and ready-to-eat products from brands including Hippeas, Red Plate Foods, Paris Delice and Traiteur de Paris. Samples of the newest product lines will be available at the booth. 

McGuire and Associates will be at booth 546.

Monty’s Bakehouse 

Monty’s Bakehouse has more than 20 years’ experience of manufacturing food products. Its team has a global footprint and looks forward to talking about how handheld hot snacks can delight customers and support airlines’ business goals. 

Alongside the company’s signature savoury pastries, there will be samples of new hot snacks including the Cheeseburger baked pocket, BBQ chicken baked pocket and sweet, filled waffles. 

The products are created by chefs to be mess-free and delicious, and served in eco-therm+ packaging that is ovenable and recyclable. They are suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a light bite, with special meal options also available. 

“Created by inquisitive culinary minds, our award-winning food solutions combine taste innovation with global food trends to create first-class food experiences you’ll want to try again and again,” said a Monty’s Bakehouse spokesperson.  

Monty’s Bakehouse will be at booth 435. 

Optimum Solutions Inc. 

The Optimum Solutions Inc. booth will be showcasing ambient product solutions representing flavours and recipes from around the world. They range from breakfast options through casseroles to tapas. Products also include ready-to-drink cocktails from Alberta, Canada. 

“We understand that spoilage and waste is more than ever, a top priority for airlines. This is why we have been searching for meal solutions to not only help with waste but to provide passengers with a unique, flavourful, quality experience with ready-to-eat ambient meals and snacks,” commented a spokesperson for Optimum Solutions. 

Products include Mezete hummus snack packs from Jordan, including portions of gluten-free crackers or bread sticks. Salads from Spain and salted nachos with salsa or cheese from Greece.  

The MOM Meal of the Moment range of ready-to-eat meals includes Red Thai Curry rice, Peri Peri pasta and Vegan Mac ‘n’ cheese.  

Optimum Solutions Inc. will be at booths 440, 442 and 443. 

Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections 

Led by third-generation Marc D. Taub, Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections import fine wines from some of the most prestigious names in the world. 

With a combined 50-plus-year history and portfolios that span five continents, their forward-thinking, family-first approach has helped them build lasting relationships with celebrated names such as Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite (Los Vascos and Bodegas CARO), Trimbach, Ferrari Trento, Bertani, Bodegas Salentein and Yealands.  

They also import a cache of craft spirits, including Tequila Bribón and Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, the Spirit Brand of the Year at the 2022 Wine Enthusiast Star Awards. 

Palm Bay International and Taub Family Selections will be at booth 257. 

RMT Global Partners 

Committed to sustainability, RMT Global Partners is an EcoVadis Gold Medal winner and offers a range of eco-friendly products that are ideal for airlines and the cruise industry. 

Products like the bagasse-sugarcane entrée dish and RMT Hot Cup with water-based liner are fully compostable and biodegradable, making the items an excellent choice for airlines looking to reduce their environmental impact.  

RMT offers sustainable polycarbonate glassware made from recyclable material. Compostable yet aesthetically designed wooden and bamboo cutlery kits will also be shown along with a biodegradable All-In-One beverage cup that can be recycled. So too will RPET blankets that provide an alternative to traditional blankets made from synthetic materials. 

Visit RMT Global Partners to see what new sustainable products are available to help your company to reduce its environmental footprint. 

RMT Global Partners will be at booths 556 and 558. 

Sola Airline Cutlery 

Sola will be displaying the latest designs in stainless steel cutlery. The designs will vary from modern, contemporary to classical designs. All of them can be customised to specific needs. The designs vary from First to (Premium) Economy. 

“Next to that, we will also be showing our hollowware, like thermos pots, bread baskets, tongs and coffee brewers. It would be nice to see our existing customers again, as well as getting acquainted with any new clients we may have the privilege of serving in future. Please visit us at our booth,” says Hans Engels, Senior Export Manager Airline and Railway – Europe, Canada and Americas at Sola. 

Also on display will be the latest trends in the field of cutlery. This varies from hollow handle cutlery all the way to the single-use-plastic replacement series. 

Sola will be at booth 642. 

That’s It Nutrition 

That’s it Nutrition makes delicious, plant-based snacks that are free from the top 12 allergens. Since 2012, it has been innovating the natural foods category in the United States with its portfolio of simple and nutritious snacks made from real, whole foods.  

That’s it. Mini Fruit Bars have developed a cult following for their simple, recognisable ingredients and portable, convenient format. These fruit bars are made from only two ingredients – both of which are real fruit.  

“These Mini Fruit Bars offer airlines the valuable opportunity to provide their passengers with 100% real fruit snacks, with none of the mess, inconvenience, or food waste that typically goes along with fresh fruit. They are two-year shelf-stable (no refrigeration required) and free from all top food allergens, further cementing their status as the perfect in-air snack,” explains a spokesperson.  

That’s It Nutrition will be at booth 638.

That's It will be present among the IFSA booths at Long Beach
That’s It will be present among the IFSA booths at Long Beach.

Undercover Snacks

Undercover Snacks will be providing samples of Chocolate Quinoa Crisps, which it describes as, “the perfect inflight snack and permissible indulgence!”

Undercover Snacks are gluten-free, allergy-friendly, non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance Certified and made by a WBENC-certified woman-owned business. 

“We will be sampling our core flavours as well as seasonal surprise and delight options, in several different packaging sizes. We are proud to operate a company-owned state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with excess capacity and can price our products well for the airline industry,” says Diana Levy, CEO and Co-Owner of Undercover Snacks.

Undercover Snacks will be at booth 365.

Undercover Snacks will be available to sample at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO in Long Beach, California.
Undercover Snacks will be available to sample at the 2023 APEX/IFSA Global EXPO in Long Beach, California.


Check the full list of exhibitors and the IFSA Expo floorplan on the IFSA website, where you can also see the 2023 Global Expo schedule