October 4, 2023


As the stands set up in Long Beach, California we preview IFSA-APEX Expo, October 25-27

The International Flight Services Association (IFSA) and the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Expos has returned to California with show floors bigger than ever and featuring a wide display of new technology, products and innovation.

Exhibitors include more connectivity providers, content distributors, F&B suppliers and amenity specialists, as well as airframers including Airbus and Boeing.

The co-located Thought Leadership Conference will feature airline CEOs and executives, breakout tracks addressing technology, connectivity, sustainability, biometrics, and ancillary revenue while an IFSA Innovation Pavilion will support further debate.

Innovation Pavilion

The pavilion’s mission is to champion connections and provide insights on best practices. Sessions will include a debate on restaurant taste trends that airlines can tap into; tech-driven innovations to support onboard product development; high-end priorities around local sourcing and quality ingredients; the three Ps – process, profits and products; and ways to generate profit-driven sustainability programmes that delight customers.

Around the stands


RMT Global Partners

RMT Global Partners has set itself ambitious environmental goals with sustainability key in its manufacturing process. Plant-based bagasse containers are the team’s budget-friendly alternative to single-use plastics. The eco-friendly, biodegradable bagasse tableware is made from natural plant fibre and can be customised to any size and include a raised logo. The casserole dish tested favourably against the high standards of catering kitchens. It withstands heat sealing, freezing and thawing, shows no leaching, bakes at 450° without burning or discolouring, and is safe to touch when the food is hot. rmtglobalpartners.com

Sola Cutlery

Sola is this year marking its 100th anniversary. In recognition of its quality, it has recently become Purveyor to the Court of The Netherlands, a stamp of approval which it is proud to celebrate. It has rebranded and restructured to tighten its onboard links with the core business and to better reflect the combined strengths, stature and reputation of the company as a whole. sola-cutlery.com


Global-C specialises in designing inflight experiences that balance positive passenger perceptions with ease of use for crew members. It works to agreed budgets to find efficient solutions that take careful account of durability, weight and performance considerations. The ethos behind current developments is to find ‘meal service solutions that meet the moment’. The team’s expertise covers tray-sets, disposables, premium tableware and textiles. global-c.nl

IFE content

West Entertainment

West offers a one-stop shop as a Content Service Provider, lab, consultancy and creative services team. Its AI, data and analytics products deliver intelligent programming and budget management. westent.com


InProdicon is focused on tailoring inflight listening with its InProdicon Air product. The system simplifies content licensing of music and radio, and a subscription model includes linear radio and a spectrum of music with millions of songs available. InProdicon’s Content Management System allows playlists to be created and curated.  inprodicon.com

Stellar Group  

Stellar will be focusing on tailored IFE solutions and its expertise in developing bespoke content and productions including branded boarding videos and curated inflight programming.Content selections can be uniquely curated for a specific airline. stellargroup.com


AERQ’s AERENA combines digital technology with state-of-the-art cabin touchpoints that inspire interaction onboard and reveal passenger behaviours and needs. These insights then allow airlines to target the right content, products and experiences at the right time, opening new revenue opportunities through advertising, e-commerce, destination services and more. aerq.com  

IdeaNova Technologies 

IdeaNova Technologies will showcase its newly-launched Inplay Content Loader, improving the speed and efficiency when uploading videos, audio and other content to aircraft. The system is protocol agnostic. ideanovatech.com


John Horsfall

John Horsfall attends the expo as Finnair’s completely renewed Business cabin textiles collection takes flight. The team collaborated with Finnair and Marimekko’s designers to create a unique set of onboard textiles comprising an ergonomically-shaped mattress pad, comforting quilted duvet, plush sleep pillow and additional supportive seat pillow. The collection features recycled fillings whilst showcasing iconic Marimekko prints – this time utilising Maija Isola’s Kalasääski and Pentu designs.The goal was to make Finnair passengers feel like they were already home as soon as they joined their flight. johnhorsfall.com



Delyse is celebrating its 30th anniversary by focusing on its thriving partnership with Stellar Snacks. Led by food entrepreneur, Elisabeth Galvin, Delyse is a multi-contract supplier with its own process and pretzel manufacturing plant and a second plant opening soon. delyse.com

McGuire Associates 

McGuire & Associates is celebrating 40 years in the inflight business, promoting on-trend food ideas, global brands and highly-experienced service and support. The team matches supplier brands to airlines, and its offerings include snacks, bakery products, desserts, diary and protein ranges as well as brands such as Biscoff. matgci.com

Optimum Solutions  

Optimum Solutions offers 25 kitchens across Canada. It has relationships with manufacturers worldwide to offer ambient snacks such as hummus and gluten-free crackers, the My Instant Pasta and Risotto ranges and nachos and cheese or salsa combinations, among other items. It’s frozen range includes authentic Pizza and a Duo Box. optimumcanada.com


U.S broker DFMi is responding to the growing need for clear labelling and allergy concerns with free-from snacks to suit all diets and allergies. Among the portfolio is ELAVI, Nature’s Bakery soft-bakes and FitJoy. dfminc.biz


AMI believes it is uniquely positioned to drive expanded value for its customers by combining its brokerage and co-packing capabilities. In the past 18 months it has been expanding its team to support the post-covid recovery and is working to deliver turnkey product solutions and management programmes. amigrp.com 



Bottega will turn the focus on to its Vino dei Poeti Prosecco Rosé DOC Bottega, a Brut sparkling wine recommended both as an aperitif, and for service with cold and light dishes, such as caprese, prosciutto or sushi, vegetable risottos, fish dishes and white meat. It is offered for onboard service in 20cl format. 

The wine is a blend of Glera and Pinot Noir, has an alcohol content of 11.5% vol. It is characterised by a brilliant mother-of-pearl pink colour and a fine, persistent perlage.  

Bottega S.p.A. is both a winery and a distillery and has made an unbreakable commitment to sustainability. It is based in Bibano di Godega (TV), in the Prosecco Doc area, 50 km north of Venice.  

Bottega has a history of four centuries in the world of wine and grappa. The distillery was founded in 1977 by Aldo Bottega, a master distiller with over 30 years experience, and is now run by his son Sandro, and siblings Barbara and Stefano. The company has grown from an artisan business to one of the top 20 private wine cellars and distilleries in Italy. The Bottega Gold, a Prosecco Doc characterised by its golden bottle, has become an icon of travel retail and the range also includes Prosecco, sparkling wines, white grappas, aged grappas, gin, vermouths, red wines, Limoncino, fruit-based liqueurs and creamy liqueurs.




FORMIA is celebrating 20 years of serving the airline industry with exclusive, consciously-designed, tailor-made concepts. To mark this milestone it has refreshed its own brand identity and website to showcase its amenities expertise and a trailblazing trends research and analysis platform. The team is focused on ‘curating meaningful moments’ and a broad range of sustainability initiatives. formia.com


Linstol is trying to ‘make a difference’ as it works collaboratively with airlines and luxury brands to craft amenity kits. It is working to become plastic positive – taking more plastic out of the world than it puts into it – and it has partnered with plastic collection companies to support this goal. The company is also working with factories around the world to make sure they treat their employees fairly through partnerships with BSCI, EcoVardis and SEDEX. This ensures there is no child or prison labour being used, that employees are safe and wages are paid fairly. linstol.com


Buzz is putting its focus on collaborative creativity and meaningful partnerships as it works with airlines to celebrate travel and rebuild the passengers’ love of the journey. Its team is committed to ‘positive design’ creating products that give back to the planet and to people. buzzproducts.com



ThinKom’s new ThinAir Ka1717 antenna brings a unique low-profile, low-drag design to the market. Airlines can now select a smaller form factor, lighter weight and more easily integrated inflight internet service for regional jets. thinkom.com

The Seamless Air Alliance

Leading the development and implementation of global standards for inflight connectivity, SAA has a new compliance criteria matrix to support tech RFPs. seamlessalliance.com

Inflight Dublin    

Inflight Dublin will showcase its Everhub solution with live demos of the Crew App, which enables the management and fulfilment of onboard retail including duty-free sales or food and beverage purchases. The company is due to unveil a number of new airline partnerships. inflightdublin.com

More highlights…

  • The HACO team continues to bridge the gap between airlines and catering businesses with a strong portfolio of F&B
  • Intervine will share its beverage expertise and growing range under new CEO Jonjie Lockman
  • Astronics will showcase its second generation EmPower UltraLite system
  • Telesat is building a new Low Earth Orbit satellite network optimised to deliver fibre-like connectivity inflight
  • AirlineMporium will showcase new snacks from its various suppliers
  • The CNN Inflight team will be sharing gelato to mark the release of Season 2 of the Emmy Award winning show Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy
  • Global Inflight Products will be presenting biodegradable and compostable cups for inflight service, without a PE lining
  • AirFi is celebrating its 10th anniversary serving the airline industry with low-cost, light-weight connectivity solutions 
  • OneWeb and Intelsat will highlight their global distribution partnership to offer airlines a seamless IFC solution
  • SmartSky Networks’ ATG connectivity is now available for regional aviation