December 6, 2023

IdeaNova Technologies introduces Inplay Video Chat

IdeaNova Technologies has introduced Inplay Video Chat function to its IFE portal, allowing passengers to communicate with crew and watch inflight entertainment with friends and family – all whilst respecting safety guidelines that limit passenger movement around the cabin.

Inplay Video Chat is an extension of the text chat. With a click of a button, passengers can initiate video communication with their friends or crew, creating a friendly atmosphere interacting safely and digitally onboard – ensuring passengers can fly with confidence.

Inplay Video Party brings new functionality for the next generation of flying affecting how passengers not only interact with their entertainment options, but also each other. Together passengers can enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows, allowing for better engagement between friends and family while taking advantage of all IFE content onboard.

IdeaNova DRM infrastructure has gone through many changes driven by self-driven need for new features and better performance as well as by external changes imposed by vendors such as Google, Microsoft and Apple. Inplay Portal has recently been enhanced with Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) compliant advertising features giving airlines another revenue stream option.

“Our mission has always been to create beautiful products that enrich the passenger journey and that is no exception with Inplay Video Chat. This time, we are making it both enjoyable and safe” says Juraj Siska, IdeaNova CEO.

“Introducing this new functionality is exactly within airlines highest priorities – moving us forward towards safe travel again. The continued innovation in our airline industry will help us to exceed previous passenger experience and bring new innovation to the cabin. Together with the newly released ad serving functionality we provide a combination of safe and income generation features.”