July 14, 2024

IdeaNova focuses on communications

IdeaNova Technologies is championing its Inplay IFE Portal as the new way to keep passengers and crew connected inflight post-COVID-19.

As airlines work out new ways to provide service while also limiting person-to-person contact on a flight, and recognise less physical interaction between crew and passengers is required, the team believes its chat feature can help support positive communications inflight.

The system also offers an cabin crew and passengers the chance to interact around entertainment as it includes a feature which allows them to rate and make recommendations about certain entertainment offerings on the flight.

IdeaNova’s newest product, Intouch is a platform specifically designed to keep people connected safely, with security for customised video, audio and text conferences. Both Intouch and Inplay products can be fully customised to meet client aesthetics and user needs, no additional application downloads are required for use directly in browser with a secure link, but apps are available if required. Currently, Intouch is free to use for a trial period.