March 2, 2024

Hydration tablets from Phizz onboard Emirates 

Phizz has launched its hydration tablets onboard Emirates flights.

Emirates is the first commercial airline to stock the hydration tablet on all flights nationwide, which deliver ‘three-times faster hydration while adding a range of health benefits’.

Phizz offers three core flavours: Orange, Mixed Berry and Apple & Blackcurrant. Mango and Cherry Caffeine Boost have recently been added, too.

The effervescent brand is looking to tap into the growing trend for ‘health hacking through proactive hydration’ and expand across aviation, retail and sports.

For each unit sold, 1.5 x its weight in plastic waste is collected, recycled and prevented from entering oceans. Its tubes are also recyclable. 

Daniel Cray, founder of Phizz, said: “Our product range covers daily wellbeing and energy solutions, all anchored by our electrolyte-focused hydration formula. We believe that hydration is the cornerstone of health and performance, and we’re here to elevate it for our customers. Phizz is helping to evolve hydration away from purely being synonymous with exercise.

“We’ve also been impressed by the extent to which the US has embraced functional hydration, and we know that the UK has begun to take the same steps to optimise their performance. As a business, Phizz is riding a wave of profitable momentum, with our growth accelerating and profits fuelling our future expansion, we’re glad to be the challenger brand positioned to broaden out the category.”