July 25, 2024

How to…connect with scents

As airlines seek to enhance the customer experience and carefully curate their brand, the role of signature scents and aromas onboard is moving up the agenda

Acknowledge the power

Science has proven that the strongest emotional memories are created when an experience is connected to a scent. Somehow aromas are fast tracked into areas of the brain linked to emotional memories so when we smell that scent again, the memories return along with the feelings it engendered. Certain scents are also recognised for triggering specific emotional reactions, influencing mood and impacting wellbeing, something airlines are focused on as a way to personalise the customer experience and support a ‘feel good’ factor onboard.

Find your signature

Marketeers increasingly recognise the value of associating a beautiful scent with their brand, and partnerships such as Qatar Airways’ connection with iconic French perfumer Diptyque instantly infuses their passengers’ journey with the smell of luxury as it is featured across multiple touchpoints from lounges and on the ground bathrooms to inflight toilets and amenity kits.

Shift the mood

But it is in the area of onboard wellness that the mood enhancing power of natural fragrances can really work its magic. Plane Talking Products has partnered with Scentered for natural aromatherapy balms suitable for use onboard. Alison Wells, Managing Director, says: “Fragrances give a customer the choice to gain focus, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, regain emotional balance and encourage positivity – all of which help create a customised experience onboard with wellness at its heart. This type of partnership can then create an exceptional connection between the airline and the passenger.”

Create connections

FORMIA has supported similar collaborations, connecting American Airlines with Brooklyn-based bespoke perfumers, D.S & Durga, whose scents and stories were chosen to encourage wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. The supplier has also partnered with Flyfit to offer a wellness collection which includes a Relax & Calm aroma roll-on and Pillow Mist with lavender oil, both designed to support rest.

Clearly curated aromas can create the sweet smell of success when it comes to passenger satisfaction.

Scents to look for

Chamomile is good for relaxation, is a sleep aid and soothes digestive discomfort.

Lavender supports stress reduction and can help induce a calm atmosphere.

Peppermint will enhance mental clairty and relieve headaches or respiratiory congestion.

Sage, rosemary and thyme support mental focus and tranquility.