May 30, 2024

Hard seltzers from Long Shot

Long Shot Hard Seltzers offer a blend of fruit, sparkling water and alcohol.

Inspired by the U.S. trend which kick-started a multi-billion dollar industry, founders Hugo and George decided to quit their nine to five jobs and create their own hard seltzer – using only all-natural ingredients.

The brand aims to shake up the seltzer market by waving goodbye to sugar-packed canned cocktails and uninspiring flavours. It claims its range is revitalising and crisp, offering a fresh taste to the canned drinks market.

Long Shot’s range all come in at less than 70 calories a can – and also ticks the vegan and gluten-free boxes.

Ready to drink straight from the can, they also offer a safer way to interact with customers – with fewer touch points and no need to mix different ingredients, which has proved popular with bars and restaurants in these strange times.