July 12, 2024

Hand sanitiser the size of a credit card

Gelcard, a new credit-card thin hand sanitiser, is on track to sell more than one million hand sanitiser type-sachets to individuals and leading players across the hospitality industry in the UK.

Gelcard is a snap technology packet that releases moisturising and scented gel which is fast absorbing and non-sticky.

Launched by 19 year-old Charles Robinson in the UK six months ago, Charles’ aim was to incentivise people to ‘want’ to sanitise their hands, through developing a slick product.
Charles Robinson, co-founder of Gelcard said: “As Covid became commonplace in the UK, I couldn’t find an appropriate hand sanitiser to easily carry – everything was too big for my pockets or inelegant with little regard for the consumer experience. That was until I realised my contact lens accessory product, a small card with pH neutral gel inside, was a perfect solution.

“Using it on my commute to university, I organically realised how great it was. I saw huge potential in terms of the customer experience and for brands to use it as advertising space. What we developed was a premium, portable and personal hand sanitiser for everyone – a distant world from the previous contact lens application.”

Charles attempted different manufacturing processes and dozens of gels which he sourced from three different European countries. Keen to get the product to market quickly – but to not cut any corners – Charles would work through the night to perfect the legal compliance, design, colour and finish.