July 12, 2024

Grey Kipling amenity kit introduced on EVA Air

EVA Air has introduced a grey-coloured Kipling amenity kit for the Premium Economy cabin of its aircraft. It is part of a collectable series of amenity kit designs. The supplier of the kits is Clip Limited.

The grey Kipling kit is the third in a series of collectable designs. The kit features the brand’s iconic crinkled fabric and monkey mascot along with the National Taichung Theatre – one of the iconic buildings in Taiwan. The kits are curated to look and feel valuable, fun and reflect the airline’s and the brand’s branding.

The Kipling kit for EVA Air is unique. It is the first time that Kipling has collaborated to produce onboard products for an airline. Kipling is a sought-after brand designing bags and purses aimed at people of all ages.

Grey Kipling amenity kit for Eva Air supplied by Clip Limited.
The grey Kipling amenity kit for EVA Air supplied by Clip Limited.

The kit is functional and the pouch and the monkey are meant to be reused and treasured by passengers following flights. Inside, the amenity kits hold items that are usable by travellers. They include eyeshades, socks, a dental set, a comb, earplugs plus Hudson Made lip saver and face cream.

Cindy Lam, Director at Clip, commented: “We are delighted to continue providing unique, collectable Kipling kits to EVA Air’s Premium Economy Class passengers. Surprising, fun, memorable and refreshing is how I describe these kits.” 

The kits and their contents are designed to help enhance the overall passenger experience onboard EVA Air flights.

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