May 30, 2024

Green, brown and leakproof range from Amipak

Amipak is stressing the environmental credentials of its new brown leakproof range.

“The Amipak brown leakproof range delivers excellent performance,” said Amipak director of communications and sustainability, Daniel Schwitzer. “It features a water-based grease and moisture resistant coating and a unique webbed-corner construction to deliver its leakproof credentials.”

The range is ideal for quick service as no assembly is required. It is versatile and can reduce SKUs, as the same product can be used for a starter, a main course and a dessert. “Only needing to stock one product saves space, but also helps to reduce the amount of material going to waste streams,” said Schwitzer.

The brown leakproof range can be recycled as it does not include compostable PLA lamination only recyclable at specialist facilities.

Schwitzer adds: “We have always been proactive in identifying, testing and introducing alternative packaging materials. We began making the recyclable brown leakproof product in the UK about 10 years ago, and now the market is finally catching up with the need to make responsible decisions about the products they specify.”

The trees used to create this range are from responsibly managed sustainable forestry and are replaced faster than they are consumed.