June 20, 2024

Go nuts for lifestyle snacking

Select Harvest Almond Snacks is tapping into top diet and consumption trends to bring Californian almonds to a wider audience.

The product range appeals to Keto, plant-based, heart healthy and on-the-go diets and lifestyle, and the range includes traditional standbys like Oven Roasted and Sea Salt; vibrant tastes like Chili con Limon, or sweet treats like Honey Roasted and Sesame.

New to the mix is Monk Crunch, a sweet and crunchy almond snack with no added sugar. California almonds that are gently roasted for an oven-fresh taste then mixed with Monk Fruit extract plus erythritol, (a sugar alcohol common in everyday fruits), vanilla, cinnamon or maple flavours, to lightly glaze the roasted nus.

This sweetener blend is 100% derived from plants, contains no sugar and contributes zero carbohydrates to Monk Crunch so it does not raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

Select Harvest has been a grower of California almonds since 1982 and partners with over 100 independent growers to bring the state’s almonds directly from the farm to consumer tables.