July 25, 2024

Global-c unveils new logo and website

Inflight products supplier Global-c has unveiled a new website which reflects the company’s new visual identity and enhances the user experience.

Global-c partnered with FIRMA, a Barcelona-based branding and Innovation agency, to create a more intuitive, engaging and user-friendly website. The aim was to extend the elegance and differential value of the company in all its channels.

The new website reflects Global-c’s renewed commitment to design-led product development and the company’s growing global presence in the aviation industry. It combines Global-c’s new visual identity with a simple and functional user experience.

The design aims to balance modernisation and brand heritage, keeping the logo relevant and adaptable in a dynamic industry landscape while upholding its connection to Global-c’s origins and values.

The company’s new logo incorporates an arrow stroke into the letter ‘G’ to symbolise progress, innovation, dynamism and movement. This design element connects the logo to the airline industry and conveys a global perspective, reflecting Global-c’s ambition and forward-thinking approach.

Wayne Costigan, Managing Partner at Global-c, explained that the company, “wanted the new website to be more aligned with the quality design work we’ve doing for our customers in recent years.”

Managing Partner Sander Struijs added: “We felt it was time to refresh our online presence to better position Global-c amongst the competition.”

Anton Pinyol, Chief Creative Officer at FIRMA, said: “The responsive version of the new brand not only makes Global-c a more iconic brand but also presents an opportunity to incorporate a quality stamp across all its products.”

Global-c’s brand positioning

With a focus on aesthetics, function, and value – from single items to whole cabin solutions – Global-c designs and delivers products tailored to enhance the onboard experience for passengers. It’s work for Air India won the Best for Service Equipment Passenger and Best for Onboard Textiles First and Business Class categories of the 2024 Onboard Hospitality Awards.

The company collaborates with global material specialists and manufacturers, leveraging their R&D to create onboard products and solutions. This results in the use of high-performance plastics with recycled content, end-of-life recycling solutions and production techniques that give commonly used sustainable materials more utility.

Global-c’s product offerings include premium and back cabin meal service solutions, sustainable disposables and packaging plus soft goods made from natural materials and recycled synthetics.