July 18, 2024

Getting your products onboard

We learn about WTCE’s Guide to Getting Onboard, which contains information to help new suppliers successfully pitch to airlines…

The 18-page guide is available to download from the WTCE website. It includes handy tips for product suppliers to consider before going into meetings from June 6-8 at the Hamburg Messe. 

“WTCE is geared towards matching airlines and suppliers together to form long-lasting relationships, but there is a right and wrong way to approach inflight supply. We created this guide, with former British Airways buyer, Kelly Stevenson, to help businesses better understand how they can engage and work collaboratively with airlines,” said Polly Magraw, WTCE Event Director, explaining why the Guide to Getting Onboard was written. 

“Kelly has a wealth of experience, making this report a hugely informative read that will help businesses navigate the pitfalls and arm them with the right information from the outset. It is invaluable to brands and businesses looking to supply products and services to commercial airlines for the first time,” she added. 

Useful tips 

The guide outlines considerations relating to doing business, such as understanding the products that airlines want, the lead times involved and which class of cabin your products and services are targeting. Attempting to place them in the wrong class is likely to hinder a deal being done. 

  • Understand why you are doing business. Profit, so often a key driver, may be a secondary motivation factor in working with an airline. As part of a broader marketing strategy, generating brand awareness among First Class passengers may be your priority. 
  • Before signing a contract, it may be beneficial to reach an agreement to review the price after a set time period. Reassessing costs, including inflationary pressures and exchange rate fluctuations, can be important to avoid pressures and provide security to your business. 
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility play significant roles in acquisitioning strategies. In addition to providing products that meet form and format expectations, conveying your story honestly can help secure deals. 
  • Ensure that you meet with the right people at the WTCE. Plan ahead and make appointments using the WTCE Connect tool.

Download the Guide to Getting Onboard to read details and more tips. worldtravelcateringexpo.com