June 25, 2024

Gategroup focuses on retail tech

Gategroup has turned the spotlight onto its new generation retail solution offered through gateretail in collaboration with Black Swan Data.

The end-to-end retail solution – ePax – removes the need for printed menus and retail catalogues onboard and allows passengers to use their own hand-held devices to access a retail web service which is operational in both online and offline cabin environments. Passengers can choose from an extensive range of products including travel and destination services.

Data sits at the heart of the platform as it is powered by Black Swan Data’s social prediction tools which help forecast consumer preferences and traveller demands. This helps enhanced the passenger experiences and drive additional value as well as improving cabin service efficiency and cutting crew service interactions.

Federico Germani, coo at gategroup, said: “Airlines are seeking retail technology that is effective in this new operational setting. In parallel to safety and efficiency, we also want to strengthen airlines’ ancillary revenue streams, particularly by widening the portfolio of products relevant to a passenger’s journey. Until now, we have been limited by what we can stock on the trolley. Tomorrow, we are only bound by the appetite of the passenger. ePax ‘breaks open’ the trolley, delivering new options in a contactless manner through this true digital transformation.”

gateretail’s iOS eCrew solution is already in service with many of its retail carriers, supporting crew efficiency.

Learn more: gategroup.com