July 14, 2024

Gategroup focuses on data

Gategroup is launching what it calls ‘a data revolution’ using data and predictive technologies to better understand and address the wishes of consumers while travelling.

A spokesman says: “Technology and data are at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly developing our business intelligence capabilities to adapt to market dynamics and to meet ever-changing consumer needs to deliver the superior travel experience that our airline partners and passengers expect. This includes leveraging social media and artificial intelligence to accurately predict consumer behaviour through key partnerships with Airbus and Black Swan.

“The company has already joined forces with Black Swan in an exclusive partnership to develop a ground-breaking travel retail digital platform. The partnership combines gateretail’s industry knowledge, capabilities and retail software platforms with Black Swan’s data-driven predictive analytics improving airline crew sales capabilities and passenger interaction dynamics.

The spokesman adds: “We are also utilising Trendscope, the first-ever social prediction tool developed by Black Swan. Trendscope is capable of analysing millions of real-time online consumer conversations which then evaluates, ranks and predicts every category trend by its future growth potential, helping you determine which trends will matter most to your consumers.

This in turn promotes sound sustainability practices in the industry, customer satisfaction and in turn, profitability. Indeed, leveraging this information together with gategroup’s culinary and retail expertise, gategroup is able to drive critical insights that drive innovation in menu development, waste reduction, product range and category optimisation.”