June 26, 2024

gategroup and gateretail announce further expansion of Crewportal for airline crew education and training

gategroup, along with its travel retail brand Gateretail, has announced the further expansion of Crewportal, its training portal designed to increase airline crew performance through accelerated learning and development. The platform aims to improve onboard retail programs and passenger experiences by providing user-friendly and easily accessible educational tools, online training, performance tracking, and certification programmes to crew members.

Crewportal is a completely customisable digital platform that is now accessible via computer, mobile app, and offline with downloadable materials. The platform provides online learning courses and videos, virtual classrooms with social interaction with others, incentivised rewards programs, and a performance tracking feature for both users and administrators to track progress or areas of further improvement. Crew members can benefit from formalised coursework and learning plans, as well as a variety of other complimentary services and relevant content options to improve their knowledge and engagement.

Fernando Guinea, VP of Gateretail, said: “From the beginning, we developed Crewportal with a customer-centric design which provides a bespoke digital platform for each partner’s content and delivery needs. Crewportal is a monumental step in gateretail’s continued journey to deliver innovative digital solutions to airline partners that unequivocally improve crew members’ training, knowledge, and engagement, thus improving their passengers’ experiences on board.”

The onboard retail training platform also provides personalised channels to track relevant content, airline or retail news stories, and inspirational videos. Monthly newsletters track key industry insights that directly impact crew members, while sales competitions and updates on new promotions or activities for teams keep them informed. Crew members can also access onboard menus, product guides, and EPOS guides that educate and provide information on upgrades and changes. The platform also features a Rewards Shop that provides users with tangible rewards for accomplishing courses and objectives.

Crewportal was launched in 2019 and has already been successfully implemented by several key airline partners. The platform won the Onboard Hospitality Award in 2020 for “Best Use of Onboard Technology,” with judges stating that the platform is, “a really innovative idea, putting crew training and information online in a very modern educational and engaging way.”

Raquel Nóbrega, In-flight product manager of TAP, said, “Crewportal has been a valuable resource to our TAP crew members for the last three years. Used as our onboard retail training platform, our teams use it to improve skillsets in order to expand TAP’s ancillary sales channels onboard as well as to improve the retail experience for passengers.”

Crewportal is constantly evolving by leveraging customer feedback. One of the newest updates coming to the platform in 2023 will be an entirely new user interface (UI) that will improve user engagement as it will emulate UI designs popularised by several globally-recognised content distribution sites.