June 19, 2024

Full of Gudness

A quest to combine home comforts and healthy convenience inspired Yogita Joshi to create Gudness Foods, bringing nutritional Indian breakfasts to the UK and beyond

At Onboard Hospitality we’re always on the lookout for newcomers to the industry with the potential to take the onboard sector by storm.

One company we’ve recently discovered is Gudness Foods, the first brand in the UK to introduce Indian breakfast products made from 100% natural ingredients. Founded by Yogita Joshi, Gudness Foods aims to combine authentic taste with convenience by delivering Indian breakfast products that are ready to eat in five minutes.

A taste of home

“Growing up in India, I was used to enjoying a delicious, home-cooked breakfast each day,” says Yogita. “After moving to London and establishing a busy professional life, I found it hard to find the time to cook and eat those breakfasts I had once enjoyed every day but when I had my kids, I yearned to share that breakfast experience with them, just as I had once shared it with my own parents.

“That’s when I started my search for healthy, flavoursome ingredients to recreate the recipes I grew up on. Then seeing my children enjoy the breakfast inspired me to find a way to make the breakfast available for many others to try.”

Conveniently delicious

The Gudness range features traditional Indian breakfasts including ‘Upma’ (savoury, with flavours from curry leaves, carrots and peas) and ‘Shira’ (sweet, with flavours from saffron, cardamom and nuts). Ingredients were chosen for their flavours and health benefits.

The breakfast pots simply require the addition of hot water and are ready to eat in five minutes. They use 100% natural ingredients, contain under 250 calories and use eco-friendly packaging.

Later this year Gudness will launch new products including ‘Poha’, a savoury and tangy breakfast made from rice flakes, and ‘Masala Oats’, suitable for consumers looking for gluten-free and vegan options.