July 25, 2024

Fries in the Skies!

Foodcase International is launching its new Fries in the Skies concept on Transavia from March.  

The product was inspired by Dutch novelist Leon de Winter, who missed fries when travelling, and challenged the caterer to co-develop a real crispy, fried product with him, for inflight service.

Two years in development and already trialled onboard, the fries overcome the difficulties of the lower heating temperatures used onboard for fries which usually need a minimum 180 degrees centigrade.  The team created a new production process, used less fat than in standard French fries production, and combined this with a patented new double layered ovenable packaging which allows heat to all areas to ensure a crispy product.

The fries are recommended for both complimentary second service and as a buy-on-board retail item and can be paired with luxury black truffle or vegan mayonnaise.

The 100g product is frozen and the mayonnaise tubes are made of aluminium so the entire product is plastic free. It is 100% vegan (incl the Vegan Mayonnaise) and gluten free.