Freshen up

Oshibori wellness

These luxurious cotton towels release a fresh fragrance of aloe vera and other popular scents. The amenity item is soaked with well-balanced toiletries formulated in accordance with EU regulation.


The individually-packed Hospicare Plus towel from Wet-Nap, cleans and refreshes with an alcohol-free formulation. Suitable for hands, face and small surface, it kills 99.9% of germs. Including chlorhexidine gluconate BP, the anti-bacterial action can help protect crew and passengers health.


These multi-purpose wipes are a one-step cleaner offering defence against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The disposable wipe can be used by passengers as a hand sanitiser or as surface disinfectant.

Mills textiles

Currently used onboard airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, disposable hot and cold towels by Mills Textiles are made from a selection of cotton, polycotton, bamboo, microfiber and non-woven materials, and come individually wrapped.

Bachflower refreshment towels

These sweet-smelling towels are infused with medicinal Bachflower plants used in natural medicine. The cotton aromatic towels come in three applications for active morning, vital day and relaxed evening and are a welcome addition to any amenity kit.

Coolhands Rolled Bamboo Wipes

This wipe made from rolled bamboo is the first of its kind. The wipe is made from 100% bamboo and is refreshing, bacteriostatic and biodegradable. Passengers will appreciate these soft, strong and large wipes on any flight.