February 24, 2024

Freeze-dried snacks from Kooky

New snack brand Kooky hopes its exotic superfruit snacks might encourage more people to go vegan.

Recently launched in the UK, Kooky’s product range includes freeze-dried crispy jackfruit, mango and mangosteen, and gently dried, soft and chewy banana and dragon fruit. 

Sourced in Thailand and dried naturally with no added sugar, the snacks are 100% fruit and 100% vegan. As well as being a convenient way for health-conscious individuals to reach their five-a-day goals, the snacks are rich with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Containing under 100 calories per pack, the snacks claim to be as guilt-free as they are vegan-friendly.

Kooky’s products also serve as an accompaniment to smoothie bowls and muesli, and can be infused with water.

Deena Tan, founder of Kooky, said: “The vegan diet is widely considered one of the most difficult to follow. This is partly due to the limited snack options available on the go. Made of 100% fruit, we’re proud our products are vegan-friendly and offer numerous health benefits, whilst also introducing Western consumers to new and exciting flavours.

“Whether going vegan temporarily for Veganuary or hoping to make this a more permanent lifestyle change, we hope customers will embrace and enjoy our offerings. After all, who said eating vegan has to be boring?”