May 30, 2024

Fit to fly technology trials

Automated check-in specialists, Elenium, has partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer a touchless check-in kiosk, which can evaluate a person’s vital signs and provide an early warning indication on fitness to fly.

The self-service technology can detect a passenger’s temperature, heart rate and ask a series of questions from a distance of 1.5 metres at any airport touchpoint such as a kiosk, bag drop, security or immigration – enabling the self-service device to act as a screening station for potential symptoms of COVID-19.
In partnership with Amazon Web Services, Elenium has also developed hands free technologies that enable touchless use of self-service devices, voice recognition and head movement detection, thereby further minimising the potential of any viral or bacterial transmission.
CEO and co-founder, Aaron Hornlimann, says: “The potential benefit of such enhancements is to provide peace of mind to passengers and staff that symptoms of illness can be detected at any self-service terminal, so anyone who presents with these symptoms can be intercepted before boarding an aircraft.”

Elenium has created a triage kiosk prototype and is currently in discussions with existing aviation customers and trialing it with Etihad Airways at Abu Dhabi Airport.
Hornlimann adds: “While it is a very difficult time for the industry, airports have an opportunity during this shut down to make changes now that inspire greater confidence in their processes and solutions, especially when it comes to passenger safety and inclusiveness. We believe the introduction of touchless devices and automated health screening will encourage passengers to return to travel sooner.”

Jorg Oppermann, vp HUB and midfield operations at Etihad Airways, adds: “We are testing this fit to fly technology because we believe it will not only help in the current environment but also into the future with assessing a passenger’s suitability to travel and thus minimising disruptions.”

The system automatically suspends the self-service check-in or bag drop process if a passenger’s vital signs indicate potential illness symptoms. A remote agent can then make further assessments and manage that passenger as appropriate.

Elenium has more than 700 check-in kiosks in use by 30 airlines across thirteen airports globally, including Hong Kong, Auckland, Avalon, Bangalore and Sydney airports.