April 15, 2024

First two Anuvu Constellation satellites named

Anuvu has announced the names of the first two satellites in the Anuvu Constellation as NuView-A and NuView-B.

Anuvu’s team of global experts provides connectivity and content for markets on the move, including airlines, cruise lines, and mission-critical maritime, energy and government services.

The names of the two satellites reflect Anuvu’s ‘new view’ of the mobility connectivity market, the satellites are part of a new class of High Throughput Satellite (HTS) that will form a key element in the geostationary orbit (GEO) layer of the Anuvu network.

After years as the world’s largest lessor of geostationary satellite capacity, Anuvu is set to become a satellite operator with the launch of NuView-A and NuView-B in mid-2024. This will provide high-performance connectivity over North America and the Caribbean. The two satellites will deliver 50 gigabits per second of additional bandwidth for the company’s global mobility network.

“Our mission at Anuvu is to provide seamless connectivity solutions to our mobility clients as they navigate the transition from connectivity today to a world of multiple orbits and frequency bands with the need for rapid and flexible service delivered over both. The launch of the Anuvu Constellation ensures we will continue to expertly provide connectivity to people on the move – whether that’s on aircraft, cruise ships, commercial shipping vessels, or super yachts – through satellite capacity that is targeted and highly flexible,” said Mike Pigott, Executive Vice President of Connectivity at Anuvu.

“The launch of NuView-A and NuView-B forms part of our bridge to LEO strategy, enabling flexible connectivity architectures that allow clients to pivot their business model as new technology is deployed,” he added.

The satellites will have a mission life of eight to ten years and allow capacity and power to be moved and optimised in orbit using state-of-the-art software-defined radios and digital channelisers. The Anuvu Constellation will complement the company’s existing connectivity infrastructure and bolster a hybrid network across orbits to deliver optimized solutions to customers.