April 15, 2024

Fifth Season freeze-dried fruit snacks

5th Season freeze dries fruit to create healthy snacks that retain more than 95% of the nutrients of fresh fruit. The company was present in the 2023 New Exhibitor Village at WTCE.

“Fruit is a seasonal product. There are four seasons in the year. We make sure that fruit is available throughout the year, so we created 5th Season,” explains Ward Grasveld, Commercial Director of 5th Season.

The company is based in Amsterdam and recently opened an office in the US.

“It’s not always convenient to eat fruit, so we tried to solve that issue. So we have freeze-dried fruit. It’s actually the same taste, same flavour and same shape – everything is exactly the same. But it has 18 months of shelf life,” adds Grasveld.

“It’s fruit without the fuss,” he explains.

“We only extract the liquids out of the fruit. The result is a fruit snack in the air which is light and has the same nutritional values as the actual fresh fruit but it has a crunchy bite, which is a whole different experience of eating fruit. And the most important thing, the taste is something else,” he adds.

Packs of 5th Season products include Pineapple, Fruit Salad, Blueberries and Strawberries. Grasveld explains they are an ideal way of snacking on fruit while travelling and, consequently, 5th Season attended WTCE to get “some traction in the air.”

“We noticed that fresh fruit isn’t always available, coupled with the waste issues or being too ripe or not ripe enough. This tries to solve that problem. We don’t think there’s always a healthy option in the air,” he adds.

“This is just as good as it should be but you don’t have the issues. We call it fruit without the fuss,” says 5th Season’s Commercial Director.

The company rapidly freeze-dries its fruit down to -48°C. In a vacuum, it is then heated to 38°C. Those steps help retain flavour and nutrients. They are packed and the bags have an 18-month shelf life.