April 14, 2024

EVA Air launches e-library service

EVA Air has introduced digitised books and magazines for passengers’ inflight reading throughout its global network. 

The new “EVA e-Library” service is available now for passengers to download widely-read newspapers and magazines on their mobile devices before boarding and after arriving at their destinations. Aiming to eliminate newspaper and magazine waste, save energy, reduce emissions and fight global warming, in addition to giving passengers more reading choices and providing added COVID preventions, EVA has become the first airline in Taiwan to provide this service. 

“Climate change and environmental protection practices are a critical concern for all of us,” said EVA president Clay Sun. “EVA accelerated development of its digital reading services to not only expand inflight reading material selections and boost COVID safety but also to protect our environment. We launched our EVA e-Library to meet the high standards our passengers expect from us and deliver another automated service, consistent with the contact-free check-in and limited-interaction boarding we have been piloting while COVID is upending the travel industry.”

International EVA Air and UNI Air passengers can download publication content to their own mobile devices from 48 hours before until 24 hours after their scheduled departures. Content available to each passenger is based on their infinity MileageLands card tier or cabin class. For example, Diamond Card frequent flyers can access as many as 20 different newspapers, magazines, books and periodicals while business class passengers can choose from 10. In addition to those publications offered to all frequent flyers and cabin classes, passengers can buy additional reading materials.

To celebrate its e-Library launch, EVA is making a special introductory offer of nine additional free downloads until 31 March 2022. Passengers can look forward to sampling EVA’s brand-new service as soon as international travel opens up again.

Before COVID became a global issue, EVA Air offered passengers popular local newspapers and magazines, based on each flight’s origin, destination and routing. Due to onboard space and payload restrictions, no more than 70 publications in Mandarin Chinese, English and local languages can be provided on individual flights. Daily newspapers are not available for some flights due to delivery limitations. Using the EVA e-Library service, passengers can enjoy as many as 500 different publications in 31 languages, covering a wide range of topics with regularly updated selections.