July 25, 2024

Etihad Airways serves up the spirit of Ramadan

Etihad Airways is celebrating the Islamic month of Ramadan with a series of amenities, Iftar meals and prayer facilities in lounges and onboard.

Passengers at Etihad’s lounges in Abu Dhabi, New York, Washington DC and London Heathrow are served traditional Ramadan refreshments such as laban, Vimto and karkade.

Those who break their fast before departure can try warm harira soup for mains and a Vimto cheesecake for dessert.

In premium cabins, dishes include lentil soup with fried chaami cheese and warm umm ali. 

There will be Arabic mezze, braised lamb with vermicelli rice, fried onion and almond, followed by a Vimto mousse with khabeesa.

For those breaking their fast just before landing, Etihad will provide Iftar bags decorated with traditional Emirati artwork, containing Laban (a salted yoghurt drink), water and dates.

There are also dedicated prayer areas and real-time electronic Qibla pointers to allow guests to observe their religious practices while travelling.

Passengers can find a selection of Ramadan and religious content on the airline’s IFE system E-Box, as well as an audio of the Holy Quran.

Programmes include Rehlat HayaChef Bil Bait and El Dunia Ramadan

Plus, members can donate their miles to The Reach Campaign, a charity supporting families affected by river blindness and lymphatic filariasis.