May 22, 2024

Epic oats adds crunch

Airline pilot, Daniel Knightley has launched a lockdown innovation in the porridge on-the-go sector.

After two years of development work, challenges and lots of bowls of oats, Epic Oats has launched as a conveniently-packaged oat pot with a crunchy and flavoured granola topping. 

Nutritionally dense, high in protein, gluten free, low sugar and vegan, the granola and oat combination is designed to offer something a little different  with innovative flavours that add complexity and a crunch to the warming taste of porridge. The range celebrates nostalgic British flavours: Original, Cherry Bakewell and Apple Crumble. 

The pots bring together naturally innovative ingredients; pea protein, date sugar, tapioca starch, chickpea flour and more, with strong health credentials. A single pot contains 14g of protein and only 5g of sugar in each pot.