June 20, 2024

Empower crew

Levarti’s MAX Crew app enables crew to provide a personalised passenger experience. April Waterston discovers more

Provide insight

Levarti’s MAX Crew is an app from the company’s MAX Mobility Suite, designed to be the ‘one stop shop’ for airlines who want to improve cabin crew productivity, remove paper-driven processes and deliver better inflight service. 

The native iOS app is rich with detailed passenger information, allowing cabin crew to offer a more personalised inflight service. MAX Crew also includes details on all connecting flights and identifies any passengers that have been delayed or disrupted. This information empowers crew to manage passenger issues inflight, rather than leaving it to customer service or ground staff personnel to address downstream.

Make it personal

With this information at their fingertips, crew are also able to offer a personalised service. “Part of the personalisation that we provide the crew member with enables expanded pre-order capabilities,” says John Edmondson, head of sales at Levarti. “It changes the conversation from ‘chicken or beef?’ to ‘Welcome aboard Mr Smith, you have a $10 voucher to spend onboard today. What can I get you?'”

Boost revenue

MAX Crew also offers an efficient point-of-sale solution. It contains all the tools and information the crew need to manage any retail transaction, with digital menus, inventory management and pre-order options. With pricing combos for upselling and payments in any currency, it also supports charging of seat fees and cabin upgrades.

Ease payments

MAX Crew offers multiple payment options including cash, credit card and vouchers, and supports digital receipts. The majority of Levarti customers operate a cashless cabin. 

Support the crew

In addition, the app stores all manuals, reports and checklists crew may need to refer to during the flight. This can include emergency procedures, passenger announcements, check and training guides and company news.


  • MAX Crew generated over $65M USD in additional ancillary revenue in 2019
  • One third of all revenue for MAX Crew is from inflight pre-order vouchers 
  • MAX Crew allows for a 100% paperless cabin, contributing towards an airline’s sustainability goals 
  • In 2019, MAX Crew airlines flew over 1800 flights a day