November 29, 2023

Do you dare to care?

As inflight suppliers and caterers around the world go into lockdown and teams worldwide try to work while isolated or social distancing, Onboard Hospitality is on the look out for good deeds and acts of kindness within the crisis.

Inspired by Monty’s Bakehouse’s #ahelpinghand hashtag launched as the team announced hot snack deliveries to its local NHS hospital staff, we’re calling on any suppliers to share their love and get in touch if they are channeling their inflight skills and stock to help their local communities at this time.

Tell us what you are doing to help and you will help inspire others. Let’s build some momentum around doing good in a crisis and show the onboard hospitality sector is more than just a supply chain and can still do so much good with its creativity and passion even when much of its business is grounded.

Send your stories or links to

Here are some we have seen so far….