April 15, 2024

dnata and its airline partners step up

SnapFresh, dnata’s in-house production business, is using its product and capacity to support industries in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Hiranjan Aloysius, CEO of dnata catering Australia says: “We’ve been able to move quickly to serve hospitals, aged-care homes, corrections and other industries, and we continue to see regular interest from these and other industries. We’ve also been working with the government and airlines to provide catering for quarantine hotels, looking after those who have to compulsorily isolate when coming into the Australia.”

The dnata team has worked with its airline customers who have importantly supported the repackaging and distribution of meals that would have otherwise been onboard their aircraft.

Aloysius adds: “That community and industry spirit remains strong. As we usually serve more than 40 airlines we obviously carry a significant amount of stock. We’ve been able to work with local support and community groups – OzHarvest and FoodBank for example – to get ingredients, meals and packaged goods out to those who need it most. This obviously delivers great value to the community but also the pride our teams take from giving back is great. We’re seeing this kind of activity right across the dnata network, from Ireland down to Australia, and that’s really pleasing to see.”