April 16, 2024

Dina Foods cracks the QR code

Mediterranean foods supplier Dina Foods has introduced smart QR codes on its new-look packaging for its Paninette flatbreads range, with two new Paninette variants also launched – sourdough and oregano.

The new QR codes allow Dina Foods to share ideas with customers about how they can use its soft Lebanese two-layered flatbreads, linking through to a website with ideas for easy, varied and accessible recipes based on the Paninette.

Project Director Wilda Haddad explains: “We wanted to do this as there are so many exciting ways to serve Paninette. They can be filled, with sweet or savoury fillings, used as a wrap or topped like a pizza, and eaten at any time of day.”

In preparation for the introduction of the QR codes, Dina Foods has created new recipes with photography, as well as building a new micro site within the website which is exclusive to customers who scan the QR code. The packaging has also been refreshed.

Wilda Haddad comments: “This has been a sizeable project, but a great investment to allow us to offer our customers and consumers inspiration and ideas, and to give added-value.”

The QR codes also give international supplier Dina Foods insights into consumer behaviour, as they indicate what regions particular products are being scanned in and how often.

All labelling requirements for the Paninette speciality breads, which are baked in Dina Foods’ traditional stone ovens, are found on the packaging itself.

Dina Foods recently launched oregano Paninette in QR coded packaging following requests from consumers. Oregano is widely used in Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine as a marinade or flavouring.

Alongside the oregano, Dina Foods has launched a sourdough Paninette. The health benefits associated with sourdough in areas such as gut health are well documented, and the new launch reflects growing public interest in sourdough.

Both the new oregano and the new sourdough Paninette make key health claims: Rich in Vitamin D; Low in fat; Low in sugar; No artificial colours or flavours and a Source of protein.

With QR codes and two new Paninette variants now launched, Dina Foods continues to work on new ideas to bring its authentic Mediterranean products to an ever-wider audience.