May 22, 2024

deSter launches new brand

SPIRIANT and deSter have finalised their merger with the launch of a new deSter brand identity.

On December 1 2020, gategroup announced the completion of the acquisition of the European operations of LSG Group from Deutsche Lufthansa AG (“Lufthansa”). The transaction comprises LSG’s inflight catering operations in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Spain as well as the global equipment business trading under the SPIRIANT brand.

As part of the integration of SPIRIANT within the deSter organisation, the ‘SPIRIANT’ name and brand will change to ‘deSter’ to form one united brand moving forward. In parallel to this name change, the new organisation will present itself with a new, refreshed visual identity including a new brand logo.

“Our newly formed deSter organisation represents two companies sharing one big vision to enter the future together,” says Stef Van de Perre, CEO of deSter. “While we have been two separate key players in the travel market in the past, creating one combined deSter was and is a fruitful process of combining expertise and experience in each of our action fields to become even stronger. Cross-location teams will expand our market potential across the globe and offer new opportunities for our employees to grow and develop.

“From a strategic point of view, this new organisation will allow us to capitalise on our experiences in terms of product portfolio and sustainable solutions on a higher level. Our production capabilities and advanced equipment management solutions complete the portfolio of deSter and add value to all gategroup’s activities. Our experience in the travel market lays the foundation for the new organisation to enhance and accelerate growth within the foodservice market as well.”

Florian von Oertzen adds: “For the visual identity, our goal was to combine the best of both worlds into a contemporary brand that inspires whilst energising a future-proof dimensional star icon with a jolt of fresh blue. Originating from the spirit of arts and sciences, the star captures the identity of the company that is forever in motion, looking up and forward. Our widely recognised icon has evolved, it is rendered as a shape that extends not only directional but also dimensional, highlighting our inquisitive nature.

“Blue is the most appreciated colour as it triggers positive associations with the sky and the sea. It is associated with trust, depth and stability. Vibrant blue charges our forward-looking company, entering the future with energy.”;