March 2, 2024

Delta partners with Spotify for docuseries

Delta Air Lines has joined forces with Spotify to offer a music docuseries.

Titled The Passport Sessions, the new series invites songwriters, producers and artists from ‘twin cities’ around the world to create new music. 

The music, which is available through the airline’s IFE system, will explore “the cultures and stories that connect us”.

The first episode, From Miami to Medellín, sees Miami-based singer-songwriter Maye and producer Andy Clay collaborate with Colombian artists Juan Duque and Aria Vega.

Maye and Andy travel on Delta to Medellín, where they “capture the essence” of their respective cities with Juan and Aria.

As part of the exclusive partnership, Spotify has curated more than 50 mixtapes and added over 100 podcast shows to the airline’s IFE system. 

The digital music service has also put its own spin on Delta Official Boarding Music, updating the playlist monthly to include passenger favourites.

The Passport Sessions series is about more than showcasing music. It’s a harmonious celebration, quite literally, of Delta’s commitment to connecting people to places, passions and their own potential,” said Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer at Delta Air Lines.

“We’re weaving the cultural fabrics of destinations like Miami and Medellín into the very essence of our inflight experience. It’s an embodiment of the magic that can happen when two beloved brands collaborate to live out their shared values in new and interesting ways.”