Congratulating 2017 winners

Winning products:
Snackbox-to-go French Fries

2017 Best for Onboard Snacks (Economy) won the 2017 Best Onboard Snacks (Economy) Award for its French Fries on Brussels Airlines. The sales team told us how they develop new inflight snacks.

Q.How do you and your team develop new onboard snacks?
A. We are always looking around in the market for new ideas and visiting exhibitions to get insights on the market trends.That’s the basis for our product development, that’s where it begins. Then in addition, we get special requests from customers for certain products.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. We are always looking for high quality and full solutions. Packaging and product combined. Next to this we try to fulfill the demands of our customers as much as we can and try to offer a broad assortment of options. If customers are looking for something special or want a special product, we simply go for it and make sure they get it.

Q.What are airlines demanding unique products?
A. Yes the airlines, but especially the passenger, is always looking for new, innovative product. Everybody is done with the rice and chicken or the veggie pasta onboard flights and is looking for something more creative. This is especially true for buy-on-board, passengers are ready to pay money for good and innovative food.

Q.What product trends will you be responding to next?
A. At the moment we reviewing our entire product range and trying to focus on more convenience, natural eating and keeping products allergen free.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business?

A. This is always difficult to measure but the Award has given us a lot of attention and drew a lot of additional people coming to our stand during WTCE. We gained a lot of interest for our product from new potential customers which was great.