May 30, 2024

Congratulating Global-C

Global-C won Future-scoping Business of the Year for its Closed-loop Recycling System

Closed-loop recycling

Single-use plastics have become a leading environmental concern and as the debate rages, Global-C is tackling the problem by closing the loop on inflight plastics.


In partnership with manufacturer Færch Plast, Global-C has developed a closed-loop recycling system for inflight food containers. The system includes the design, manufacture, delivery, collection, recycling and reproducing of PET and CPET containers. By using this system, up to 90% of inflight containers can be made with recycled materials, and the carbon footprint of the containers can be reduced by up to 50%.


Færch has recently acquired a recycling company called 4PET in the Netherlands. “What makes 4PET different is its ability to clean and sanitise contaminated food containers,” says Wayne Costigan, director of Global-C. “This allows the plastic to be reused in food contact applications – something not every recycling plant has the capability to do.”

Proving its worth

Global-C is currently working with a major Middle-Eastern carrier and is in the proof of concept process of trialling the closed-loop recycling system with a batch of used food containers. The containers were collected and cleaned at the hub, and are currently being transported to 4PET’s recycling plant in the Netherlands. Here they will be recycled, then sent to Færch’s manufacturing plant in Denmark to be reformed into inflight food containers, and returned to the Middle East.

The trial aims to prove that the system is effective. It is anticipated that money saved from this process will cover the recycling and transport costs and potentially offer some financial return to the airlines.

Expanding on

Global-C is working with EU customs to allow the import of products consumed outside the EU, and hopes to expand into other regions in the future. 4PET is also expanding its recycling station network to other locations in Europe and the UK.