February 29, 2024

Winner interview: Foodcase International BV

Foodcase International BV won Best Onboard Beverage in the Onboard Hospitality Awards 2019 for Tubes

Q.Tell us a bit about the product, its background, and how it came to market
A. Tubes has been developed to reduce wasted space and weight onboard. The tube-shaped ‘bottles’ allows airlines to stow 127% more units in a drawer. Furthermore, the tube is sustainable and 100% made from recycled R-PET plastic. Thanks to Tubes, wine, cocktails and spirits can now be served in a 50ml small tube.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. Tubes is a unique and contemporary way of serving wine, spirits and cocktails. With its award-winning design, it is a true innovation for the market.

Q.What need or onboard trend does the product address?
A. It addresses the need for more sustainable packaging solutions and innovation in the beverage category.

Q.What is next for Foodcase International BV?
A. To get rid of single used plastic and reduce food waste. Foodcase is strongly investing in more sustainable packaging solutions, and has invested in a complete new line of high-quality ambient meals, which is not only a solution for BoB but now also for complimentary service models (for return catering). We aim to avoid wastage of good food, reducing costs and offering constant quality and availability.

Q.What impact has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award had on your business?
A. Winning an Onboard Hospitality Award has helped Foodcase to increase its customer base outside Europe. We have received a lot of great feedback on our award winning products which has led to new business.