December 5, 2023

Congratulating Evertaste

Evertaste won Best for Wellbeing Onboard in the 2019 Onboard Hospitality Awards for FlyYourVeda packaged meal solution


Q.Tell us a bit about the product, its background, and how it came to market
A. “Food for mood” was initially scoped out as a leading trend for 2018 by Evertaste and LSG’s Culinary Excellence Team. Evertaste was passionate about this, and comforted by the fact we had the know-how and science to execute this better than most. During the development stages Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart’s book Happy Food was released, which we adore, and just cemented our beliefs in utilising our passion and knowledge on foods for moods for all to benefit from.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. We believe we are the first to market that delivers a full meal solution. We’ve seen and have been wowed and inspired by individual components on the market from brands we admire. We’ve just gone a couple of steps forward and put items and brands that we believe complement each other, as well developed some great tasting salads and entrées together for hopefully a more impactful delivery.

Q.What need or onboard trend does the product address?
A. People want to travel as comfortably as possible. There are many factors airlines cannot control such as temperaments of fellow passengers, delayed flights, or even turbulence. But they do have the ability to influence the feelings and emotions experienced through certain hormones that are released by the consumptions of particular foods. Evertaste is exercising its ability to assist in this with a workforce experienced in Food Science, Nutrition and Culinary Team from different walks of culinary life.

Q.What is next for Evertaste?
A. We have a couple of exciting projects on the go. With Tokyo 2020 around the corner and the revival of Street Food helped by Kerb, Stadt Land Food and Nordic style street food halls, we’ve developed a range of exciting Japanese hot snacks, as well as Bombay Burrito, our range inspired by Indian kati rolls, given an Evertaste twist. We furthermore have created a range of traditional Italian handmade sourdough pizza, which we are excited to showcase next.

Clean label functional ingredient innovation has taken a leap over the last couple of years, and we love it. We aim to develop more great tasting foods that aren’t traditionally gluten or lactose free, but are now, but taste like they contain gluten and lactose… This enables dietary special meal passengers to enjoy the same as mainline passengers, making air travel more inclusive than ever.

Q.What impact has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award had on your business?
A. The winning FlyYourVeda boxes are simply an exercise to showcasing our competency, we have since replicated this knowledge into differing formats such as breakfast entrees designed to release energy, and meals for night flights that help you relax. We’re open to adapt this concept to our customer’s and their passenger’s needs.

The long-term effects of the are yet to be established, but what it is has done in the short space of time is made our customers and the industry more aware of the need for such products and has opened their eyes to the existence of such products already on the market. We either keep up and deliver, or we bow out. It’s a competitive industry, and our only aim is to deliver products before there becomes a need for them.

There’s still time to enter the 2021 awards… visit to find out more