Winning products:
Buzz – American Airlines Cole Haan kit and Singapore Airlines Moana and Star Wars kit

2017 Best for Onboard Amenity Kits (Business) and Best For Onboard Kids

A fresh, edgy and unisex design from Buzz impressed the judges in the 2017 Onboard hospitality Awards while the kids kits were praised for being engaging and of a good quality. Buzz Director Leonard Hamersfeld explains the process behind developing new innovative amenity kits

Q.How do you and your team develop new kits?
A. Buzz brings together a team of passionate people with a love of design and creative thinking. With an understanding of travellers’ needs and a knack of tuning into global trends and industry best practice, Buzz is at the forefront of innovations, technology and creative design.

Over the past 16 years, Buzz has become known for delivering innovative product design and brand collaborations for the airline industry. Buzz focuses on creating unique, on-trend airline products that enhance the inflight experience and strengthen customer loyalty through high quality and innovative solutions.

Buzz works alongside the world’s leading brands and is able to deliver world first collaborations to truly enhance the passenger experience.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. Our team combines industry experts that have extensive experience in the inflight equipment field and a strong international design team that works for very diverse clients. From furniture, watches, tableware or sportswear, our designers integrate the latest design intelligence into our product so we can deliver items that bring extra pleasure and functionality to the most demanding passengers.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A.For American Airlines amenity kits, Buzz facilitated collaborations with four coveted brands to provide passengers a new, elevated travel experience. This is the first time American Airlines has partnered with a fashion and lifestyle brand to design and create a range of amenity kits, with each of the skincare products differentiated by cabin and class of service. Available in a range of colors that are regularly rotated, all kits will feature a custom bag designed by Cole Haan, inspired by their pinnacle design and innovation collection, ZerøGrand. Also included are skincare products from 3LAB Skincare, C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries and Clark’s Botanicals to deliver this year’s newest amenity kits for the world’s largest airline.

Q.What are airlines looking for in amenity kits?
A. In-flight experience specialists Buzz are experts at designing and curating brand collaborations for the ultimate Luxury Amenity airline collections. Buzz has a proven track record of creating luxury brand collaborations that synergises with the airline’s brand attributes, passenger demographics and in-flight aesthetic.

Airlines are looking to provide their passengers with items that can help make their journey more comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and luxurious. The amenity bag is itself often the most sought after item as it has the greatest perceived value. Skincare and personal items are also keenly valued, to use inflight and reused beyond the plane.

Q.What product trends will you be responding to next? 

A. Some key trends include sustainability and finding ways to enhance the purpose and longevity of kits, by ensuring reuse. There is a desire for the kits themselves to have a purpose beyond the plane, and for ongoing use for personal care, clutch bag or tech storage. Also kits often have multi functionality and compatibility with devices to ensure longevity. Another noticeable trend is the shift to branded products across the amenity offering from skincare to lifestyle/travel brands. Delivering relevant brand collaborations enhances the passenger experience and value proposition as well as the brand experience.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business? 

A.Buzz have been recognised with multiple awards from Onboard Hospitality, as well as regularly being featured in BRW’s List of Most Innovative Companies. It is exciting to be recognised for all the hard work in bringing a product to life, whilst the product speaks for itself, having independent recognition by a panel of industry experts certainly adds value.