Congratulating 2017 winners…

Winning products:
Swiss Bento Box

2017 Best for Onboard Service Equipment (Passengers)

CLIP Ltd won recognition for its new Bento Box design, created to make inflight catering service simple, efficient and enjoyable for the passenger. Cindy Lam, director of Clip, explains how this product took flight

Q.How do you and your team develop new service products?
A. Designing a new service product can mean changing a lot of things in a complex life cycle: Storing, catering, transporting, dispatching, consuming, washing, etc. Instead of focusing only on the product, we always try to gather as much insight as possible from the ecosystem: passenger experience obviously (which includes function and also aesthetics and cultural codes), but also crew handling before and after the product has been used, washing, food preparation, etc. We believe in the end the product has to work beautifully even when you’re done eating the food and the flight attendant collects it.

Q.What do you think puts your product ahead of others in the same field?
A. Our team combines industry experts that have extensive experience in the inflight equipment field and a strong international design team that works for very diverse clients. From furniture, watches, tableware or sportswear, our designers integrate the latest design intelligence into our product so we can deliver items that bring extra pleasure and functionality to the most demanding passengers.

Q.What product trends will you be responding to next?
A. Passengers are more and more educated to good design, social and ecological responsibility.
When travelling, they no longer expect a brand on a generic piece of equipment. They want functional things, brands with a story, and eventually proof that the airline cares about them. In that sense, serviceware and amenities are a tremendous opportunity to create a strong and lasting bond with passengers.
Transparency and authenticity are the new luxury: passengers are interested to know how things work – how things are more sustainable – who made the product, etc.

Q.Where do your team get inspiration for new products?
A. Our team is international, based in Hong Kong, Switzerland and the US, we are on a constant lookout for new behaviors and trends. Our product for SWISS is a good example of that: it is profoundly Swiss by being very functional, clever and minimalistic but it also incorporates elements of an International food culture that have become accepted everywhere. The name « Swiss Bento Box » also reflects this blend of culture nicely.

Q.How has winning an Onboard Hospitality Award helped your business? 

A. It was a tremendous honour and has given us a lot of pride. It’s also wonderful how we are praised in the industry as a result of this Award. We are a young startup company and winning this award, especially for a product onboard a recognized airline such as SWISS International Air Lines was definitely a way to show the quality of our work to the industry as a whole