March 29, 2023

Condor cabin crews receive ‘SkyTabs’

Condor cabin crew now have their own tablets, called SkyTab, developed in association with long-term partner Retail inMotion.

The use of the personal devices will not only optimise onboard sales and communication, but also provide flight-related documents. With the digitalisation, Condor will save paper and reduce the weight of their aircrafts, which ultimately leads to less fuel being used.

SkyTabs include an inflight sales software, which is specially adapted to the needs of Condor. Guests can pay cashless with all common credit and giro cards – quickly and contactless.

Payment is also possible with Apple and Google Pay. Receipts can be received digitally on request. Product availability is displayed in real time through live tracking of sales on each flight. The software also optimises communication with all interfaces of the supplier process for efficient logistics.

“With the launch of SkyTab, we have the possibility to respond even better to the needs of our guests on board and to customise onboard sales according to our customers’ wishes, as well as with our suppliers and partners”, explains Christian Schmitt, chief operations officer Condor.

“With this we lay the foundation for further optimisation of the onboard experience. As an example, in the future our crews could receive customer information in their SkyTabs, in compliance with data protection regulations so that they can address them by name. This will make the onboard experience even more personal for our guests, which supports our service promise as Germany’s most popular leisure airline.”

The new inflight sales process with unique Condor software is supported by partner Retail inMotion, whose CEO Retail, Stefan Patermann, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Condor. With the launch of the Retail inMotion digital platform, Condor passengers and crew will benefit from a fully integrated end-to-end solution, which provides not only a best-in-class retail solution, but also an integrated platform across the entire process from supply chain to onboard sales.”