Cold brews

FITCH Brew co

Fitch Brew Co. uses ethically-sourced coffee, water and a precise brewing process for its cold coffee range. A Dark Fortunes option combines coffee with tonic in a collaboration with Bermondsey Tonic Water.

Cool Cold Brew

This range of doubleshot coffee includes black coffee, coconut coffee, latte and mocha. Arabica coffee is chilled in water for 17 hours, then triple filtered for a whisky-like clarity. Hand brewing ensures a naturally sweeter brew.

Land & Tide

All of Land & Tide’s iced coffees are dairy-free. The range of oat iced coffee, oat iced mocha and coconut iced coffee is made using a cold brew blend and plant- milk recipes. The natural sweetness means there is no need for added sugar.

Point Blank

Point Blank markets itself as a natural alternative to a traditional energy drink. With no sugar, no fat, no additives and no preservatives, Point Blank drinks have 65mg of caffeine per 100ml.

Far Side Cold Brew

Far Side uses single origin beans which are then steeped in cool filtered water for 18 hours. The beans from Peru are fruity with a hint of orange peel and cacao, while the Rwanda offering is bold and chocolatey with an undertone of lemon and maple.