June 25, 2024

Chocolate proves to be top choice for dessert

According to Brits aged 16-64 years, chocolate is the top choice when it comes to flavours for desserts.

Caramel and coffee are also included within this group that Brioche Pasquier has coined ‘rich’ flavours. Surveying 1,938 consumers in August 2020, Brioche Pasquier has delved into the nation’s beloved desserts, popular flavours, favourite occasions, and found where our sweet tooth reigns.

Cakes hit the top spot for 16-34-year olds with those 35+ preferring a cheesecake for their desserts. Following a main course is still the favourite time to eat a dessert, but revealing a new opportunity for businesses everywhere, the mini pudding with a hot drink (Café Gourmand) has started to creep into our sweet treat repertoire with 44% of respondents claiming to have chosen this option when out of home.

Matt Grenter, foodservice sales manager, Brioche Pasquier highlights the opportunity for the industry: “Our research confirms that people tend to go for desserts over the weekend and they generally follow a main course, however, what we’ve also seen is that there is an opportunity for a weekday treat with Café Gourmand increasing in popularity.

“Our chocolate ranges have always been amongst our most popular petits fours,” explains Matthew. “So, for all the chocolate fans, our Petits Fours Élégance and Chocolat are just perfect. With a variety of mini cakes, each individual bite is rich with chocolate combined with other popular ingredients like praline, hazelnuts and like all Brioche Pasquier pâtisserie, its petits fours are made with fresh non-caged eggs, fresh butter and natural colourants and flavourings. They are vegetarian and are free from artificial colours and flavours, palm oil and preservatives.”